Trump’s latest retweet is baffling on so many levels you just have to scream

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Donald Trump has actually shown to have definitely no restraint or sound judgment when it pertains to his social networks posts, however today he took the his Twitter practice to an entire brand-new level.

On Thursday early morning, the United States president retweeted an eclipse meme of himself, as a white president, “eclipsing” Barack Obama, the country’s very first black president.

It’s a retweet so dumb that it might simply beat the time he retweeted somebody calling him a fascist.

The meme, published by a user in reaction to a Trump tweet about Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, reveals a smiling Trump slowly relocating front of a white and black picture of Obama.

In the last of the 4 pictures, Trump is totally covering Obama, and the words “THE BEST ECLIPSE EVER!” caption the meme.