A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Museum Is Opening After The Show Ends

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In case youve been living under a rock, the problem that has actually been is pertaining to an end later on this month. After 7 years, these women are lastly going to need to go on auditions once again, and Freeform (RIP ABC Family) will need to fill its slot with some other shitty, complicated program.

But do not misery, if youre still a 10th grader on the within and are unfortunate to see the program go, theres one last method you can pay your aspects. At the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles, theres an unique exhibition that will be on display screen all summer season. Inning Accordance With Warner Bros., Tour visitors can see genuine props, set pieces, outfits, and shooting areas. Are you believing exactly what were believing? SCHOOL TRIP.

Seriously, if youre in LA this summertime, avoid the silly art museums and head directly to the Warner Bros. lot. The display consists of some unbelievable props, consisting of the ACTUAL parlor game, that fucking black hoodie, and the really spectacular painting of Alison that Sasha Pieterse must actually ask to take house when its all over.

After all that youve provided to this program throughout the years, seeing the exhibition will likewise need a monetary contribution, and its high. Tickets are $62, which appears definitely absurd to us, however undoubtedly there are teenagers out there with truly delusional moms and dads who wont mind. If youre ready to spend the money, the display goes through August 15, and theres just a little possibility youll get abducted by A.D. if you go.

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