Sweet Apple Pie Oreos Are Coming And They’ll Be Your Favorite Autumn Snack

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Oreos have actually had one hell of a summertime. To end things on a sweet note, Apple Pie Oreos have actually been found on Target’s site and fans of milk’s preferred cookie cannot include their happiness. Apple Pie Oreos were very first found by Instagram account @CandyHunting an amazing IG page devoted to finding brand-new sugary foods.

But I have some problem: It ends up the Apple Pie Oreos are not being offered right now; nevertheless, that they’re on the website readies news. When these tasty Oreos remain in stock, you can not just discover them online, you can likewise browse which area has them in shop.

The limited-edition Oreos are made with graham cracker-flavored cookies (rather of the standard chocolate) and an apple pie flavored filling. OK, that sounds scrumptious! The very best part is a pack of Apple Pie Oreos will just set you back $2.99 , which is rather sensible for a treat that transitions completely into the fall months.

Nabisco initially revealed Apple Pie Oreos back in November 2016 and they are expected to be launched on Labor Day 2017 (Sept. 4). No word on whether Nabisco will be adhering to that precise day, however it does not alter that cravings for sweets all around the country are delighted.

Unsurprisingly, individuals are by the brand-new addition:

Apple pie Oreos? I’m visiting Wal-Mart.

Apple Pie Oreos Are Here.

* cough * apple pie Oreos end of August * cough *

While weawaitApple Pie Oreos to have their main release, we can indulge ourselves into Edible Oreo Cookie Dough which is made by The Cookie Dough Cafe and ships across the country or you can get some PB&J Oreos offered at Krogers in the meantime.

. If you’re an Oreo fan, #ppppp> There are so numerous yummy methods to please your sweet tooth. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next brand-new release.



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