The internet is not having Donald Trump’s latest history lesson on America’s relationship with France

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Get your note pads out, it'' s time for a history lesson.
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Here’s a fast lil’ history lesson in case you forgot: France assisted the United States protect its self-reliance.

Which is a reality we’re sure you kept in mind from all those high school history classes, documentaries, books, and physical representations of our relationship with France (* cough * like the Statue of Liberty * cough *).

Just examining, due to the fact that President Donald Trump isn’t really so sure that individuals actually understand.

Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron provided joint remarks on Thursday, while the United States president remained in Paris to participate in France’s Bastille Day events. After the remarks, the 2 leaders took concerns from press reporters, which is regular enough. Their address took a turn for the cringeworthy when Trump began to talk about America’s relations with France.

“France is America’s very first and earliest ally,” Trump stated. “A great deal of individuals have no idea that.”

“A great deal of individuals have no idea that”? Hhhhmmm … that appears a bit off, thinking about actually everybody is taught that in high school. Ya understand, who are we to state?

Then Trump continued, “Ever given that General Lafayette signed up with the American defend self-reliance, our fortunes and fates have actually been connected unquestionably together. It was a long period of time back, however we are together.”

Ah, yes, the excellent old Marquis de Lafayette. Who could forget him? What American city does not have actually a street called “Lafayette.”

Then, he dropped some major understanding … if you didn’t take a standard history class, that is.

“France assisted us protect our self-reliance, a great deal of individuals forget,” he stated.

Literally who forgot?? It’s a reality that’s inculcated our history books once again and once again.

Also, can we take a quick minute and discuss Macron’s really splendid facial responses to having Trump describe standard American history.

Extreme very same, Macron.

Image: WH.GOV

The web was likewise entertained by Trump’s quick history lesson, with many individuals getting on Twitter to talk about the president’s remarks:

Oh, and by the method, Morocco was in fact the very first nation to acknowledge America’s self-reliance.

History lesson aside, Trump remained quite on point throughout journalism conference. Things did get a bit uncomfortable when again, however, when Macron recommended an American reporter have the ability to ask the next concern.

Spoiler alert: Trump did not tease an American reporter. Rather, he badgered a Chinese reporter. And let’s simply state the reaction was not just quick, however sharp.

Ah, it’s never ever a dull minute.

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