A Short List Of Things I Want You To Know

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Helga Weber

1. Life is too brief for shitty wine. You do not have to consume it simply since it’s in front of you– and that’s a metaphor for life. Whenever you consume wine, particularly great wine, you must get more of an understanding of exactly what “hygge” indicates. And if you’ve never ever become aware of that prior to, look it up and bear in mind that whenever you go get some wine.

2. As somebody who is undoubtedly, The Worst at flexible and forgetting, understand that it’s really possible. When you find out ways to stop being mad about something or somebody or whatever, even when you were 20,000% in the right, there’s a great deal of peace in letting things go. In not being mad about that things any longer. In really flexible and primarily, forgetting. You most likely can do it if I can do it.

3. You must use sun block every day, even on the days when you’re not intending on going outside. Seriously.

4. If you get a bee sting or bitten by a horsefly or generally any bug associated injury that’s welt-like, you can treat the itching and minimize the swelling by making a paste from baking soda and water and slathering the injury with it. That’s simply among the important things he taught me that I’ll always remember. And anytime I see a bee in my house or around me, I think of it and it makes it less frightening.

5. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with ignoring individuals who do not take a look at you and see a multi-faceted, layered, problematic, human being who is simply doing their finest. If individuals hold you to some countless or unobtainable requirement or do not think about you as an individual, you do not need to keep attempting to maintain or being whatever they’ve chosen you are. Leave and do not recall. And do not fret about being a clich for doing so.

6. You do not need to subtweet individuals. You can do something else. It’s alright if it feels kind of great to do it anyhow.

7. If you’re great to gate representatives and flight attendants and do not appear like you’re the sort of individual who’s going to attempt and push a complete sized travel suitcase into an overhead compartment prior to taking your shoes off on an aircraft, it’s actually simple to obtain upgrades and things like complimentary treats and beverages.

8. Taking prescription cough syrup with actually other cough syrup will likely make you light and exceptionally woozy headed and you may lose consciousness while brushing your teeth in your very own restroom. Do not integrate the 2.

9. Investing in a great bed (so we’re talking bed mattress, sheets, pillows, comforters, frame, next to candle lights etc etc) is among the very best financial investments you can ever make in your life. Make your bed your preferred location to be. It will make your life unreasonably much better.

10. If you can feel individuals retreating, you must inquire about it. Do not poke at them, do not pester them, do not evade around the problem by drawing up rather. Inquire. Be a grownup. Have a discussion. It’s all right to be terrified of their response, and truthfully their response may not be exactly what you desire. You’ll really get one rather of pressing them even more away.

11. When things occur and rather to face them head on and repair the issue, #steeeeyou owe it to yourself to find out how to stop making reasons. Excuses do not repair anything, however action does.

12. There are just 3 plants still alive in my home. And among them is a spider plant that he hung beyond my door in 2012. The other are 2 cacti that are expected to look neon. Absolutely nothing else lasts, absolutely nothing else endures. Those 3 are hanging on strong. And something about these plants that have something as abnormal as “neon” in their name and a plant I never ever desired in the very first location making it through makes me keep in mind and smile that I cannot mess up whatever. And if I cannot mess up whatever, I do not believe anybody can.

13. Sometimes all you can be is And often that’s fine and enough.

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