This Wildcat Is “Totally'” Down For ‘HSM4,’ So It’s Time To Convince Everyone Else

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Calling all Wildcats: I’ve got some news that is going to blow your mind. No, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens aren’t a reality couple once again (a minimum of that we understand of?), however this is simply as excellent. It’s no surprise that Disney has actually been preparing a brand-new film for rather some time now, however we still do not have a lot of info on when is occurring . Disney held open auditions for the movie in 2015 due to the fact that, regretfully, a number of the initial cast members (* cough * Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale * cough *) have actually currently stated they would not go back to repeat their functions for a4. It appears like we may have at least one Wildcat in your house, nevertheless, as Monique Coleman — you understand her much better as Taylor McKessie — just recently hinted she may be down for a go back to the Disney scene.

That’s right, Monique — who played among the main 6 characters in the initial trilogy — just recently talked with AfterBuzz TELEVISION about the phony trailer that took the web and Disney enthusiasts by storm in August. While talking with the outlet, Monique confessed that the phony trailer offered the initial cast members “ All the feels ” prior to stating, “ Honestly, I would do that film! ” Obviously now we simply have to get Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas, and Corbin on board and we’ll be all set.

Of course, the starlet was describing the motion picture provided in the fan-made trailer and NOT the reality 4, so opportunities are we will not be seeing her reprise her function anytime quickly (whatever took place to “ we’re all in this together, ” people?). That does not suggest we ought to provide up hope. A few of the initial HSM gamers do appear interested. We understand Bart Johnson — Wildcat coach/Troy’s father — is most likely down to come back based off his funny audition tape , and the movies’ initial director, Kenny Ortega, has actually revealed interest . In an interview with People’s Choice, the director stated,

I wish to belong of it in any method that I can. I had the time of my life it began an entire brand-new profession for me. If exercised with my schedule and Gary [Marsh] and the group demand my participation, I would be really, extremely open up to it.

As amazing as that is, it would still be good to see exactly what a few of our favorites depend on now that they ‘d remain in their twenties. Monique recommends in her interview above with AfterBuzz TELEVISION that Taylor is “ most likely running a not-for-profit, ” so who understands exactly what her peers depend on. Is Troy betting the NBA? Is Gabriella getting her PhD? Does Sharpay have a Tony yet?!

Earlier this year in March E! News overtook Vanessa Hudgens and asked her whether she ‘d go back to her function as Gabriella in the brand-new movie. The starlet informed the outlet,

I suggest, I’m 28. I might be an instructor, however I choose not to be an instructor! I’m still a teen at heart. Most likely not with me, however I’m delighted to see exactly what they whip together.

It’s likewise no huge surprise that a number of the initial cast members have remarkably hectic schedules nowadays, so discovering a time when they’re all offered to movie would likely be challenging. I think we’ll simply have to deal with a cast of newbies and hope for the finest … I imply, the initial cast were all newbies when, too?

In the meantime, while we wait on 4, I think we’ll simply need to keep our fingers crossed for surprise cameos and see this fan-made trailer that utilizes clips from the initial stars’ present tasks to string together a reunion story.

I do not care if I need to fund this task myself, I have to see it take place.

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