The Black Hood May Be Gone, But ‘Riverdale’ Has A New Threat In Town

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Phew. Cleared up an extremely bothersome secret that’s been pestering audiences the whole season hence far. On Wednesday’s midseason ending, “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” The Black Hood’s identity was exposed in the nick of time for the vacations. Spoiler alert: Don’t keep reading if you do not wish to know exactly what took place in the midseason ending. So, all is calm and all is intense now,? Incorrect. Due to the fact that if we understand anything about this program, when one door closes in this town a window lets and opens in a strong gust of brand-new dangers, particularly when it pertains to Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead. The Black Hood isn’t really the only homicidal threat out there. Who is the Riverdale Reaper ? Since the one killer is dead does not indicate there aren’t brand-new hazards prowling in the shadows, it appears that simply.

Now that we understand Janitor Svenson had a bloodthirsty side gig that consisted of performing Riverdale’s sinners, we can cross that specific puzzle off our list. Svenson’s past is covered up a remaining hazardous riddle that still has us concealing under beds and shaking in our boots stressing about the security of our precious Core Four. As we discovered in previous episodes, Svenson was the only living survivor of the fatal Fox Forest slaying of his whole household. The offender was the maniacal “thrill-seeking sicko,” the Riverdale Reaper. And he’s most likely still out there.


We now understand that Svenson wrongfully implicated the individual who took his household from him, pointing a finger at a male who was eventually buried alive as penalty. “The town required blood for blood,” he stated. The so-called survivor’s regret and regret from that fatally substantial action led him to go out for sinners’ blood to allegedly “stabilize the scales,” inning accordance with Betty’s analysis. The genuine Riverdale Reaper is most likely still strolling the streets someplace scot totally free if that’s the case. We likewise understand that Betty is completely mindful that regardless of all the proof burning and trying-to-forget-this-ever-happened, she cannot reject the darkness that’s emerged. “A reality that might not be burned away. A fact that whispered to her, ‘this isn’t really over,'” Jughead told ominously in the last scene of the midseason ending. We didn’t anticipate this to simply begin being your common murder-free high school drama, so duh.

There are likewise hints that somebody is enjoying residents without their understanding, and we’ve understood to show it. Well, somebody’s got those photos — since as Archie and Veronica exchanged I like yous, pictures of them were being snapped from afar. That could extremely well have something to do with something else totally (cough, Hiram Lodge, cough), however at this moment we’re truly paranoid,?

does not go back to our TVs till Wednesday, Jan. 17, so we’ll need to wait over a month to learn exactly what brand-new risks are sneaking in the corners. It appears like the winter season best, “The Blackboard Jungle,” will be concentrating on a one Ms. Cheryl Blossom, so we’re cool with it.

What we do learn about the 2nd half of the season is that Betty’s bro Chic is concerning town, Cheryl’s getting an “unforeseen” love interest , and the ” unlikeliest return of all” is on the horizon . We’re not 100 percent sure that we are going to need to fear the reaper when the next installations roll around, however we can basically rely on that somebody is still after the sleuthing gang. Their satanic forces simply do not stop following them around, which includes their individual lives too.

Whether it’s a Black Hood copycat, Black Hood unidentified partner, or the OG town killer through the Riverdale Reaper himself, something wicked by doing this come.

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