Adam Rippon deserves a gold medal for his A+ Twitter game

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Adam Rippon: Good at skating. Even much better at tweeting.
Image: Steve Russell/Toronto Star through Getty Images

Fun reality: Adam Rippon readies at figure skating.

Another enjoyable truth: Adam Rippon is likewise proficient at tweeting. Like, VERY excellent at it. Like, make-Twitter-an-Olympic-sport-then-give-Adam-a-gold-medal levels of proficient at tweeting.

Since he reached Pyeongchang, Rippon — a.k.a America’s sweetie — has actually been tweeting up a storm.

And while other individuals have actually been sending Bad Tweets about the Olympics ( * cough * Bari Weiss * cough * ), Rippon has actually been tweeting dispatches from his Olympic journey, along with sending assistance to a few of his fellow rivals , with a style and a flair that has actually been, rather honestly addictive.

His tweets shine brighter than his bedazzled skating clothing . And if you’re not following him on Twitter you’re missing all of it.

But fear not. Here are a few of Adam Rippon’s finest tweets:

That time he subtweeted Donald Trump Jr. to hell and back:

Adam does NOT have time for feuding, Donald Trump, Jr.

That time he was the actual personification of confidence :

” A glamazon bitch prepared for the runway”? I live. I LIVE!

That time he fulfilled among his fellow rivals, and read him for dirt:

Image: Twitter

And do not stress. It appears like Emery took it in his stride:

That time that he offered us the day-to-day affirmation all of us require in some cases:

That time Adam delivered himself and Olympic bae Gus Kenworthy as much as the rest people delivered Adam and Olympic bae Gus Kenworthy:


Image: Twitter

That time Adam, as soon as again, provided thanks to his haters:

That time he preached the excellent Lord’s reality about that oiled up flag bearer from Tonga:

Guess who’s back. Back once again. The Tonga flag bearer is back. TELL LITERALLY EVERYONE.

And it’s not simply the Olympics. Adam has actually been providing us fire tweets given that prior to the Winter Games began.

Like that time he taught us exactly what it requires to snap beautiful images:

Turns out the trick is Taco Bell.

And that time he created tank tops:

Your favorite might never ever.

That time Adam discovered his one real love:

Because, in the never-ceasing words of RuPual, if you cannot like yourself, how the hell you going to like someone else.

And who can forget that time Adam discovered his”me”time:

Provided without remark.

Everybody. Tweet like Adam Rippon.

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