A Defense Of Taylor Swift

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Sometime in the brand-new millennium it got truly cool to shit on whatever popular. Sure, it’s really simple to take the “that’s since whatever popular is shit” position. I’m going take a position in this post that some might think about a #HotTake, however I’m going to fucking wait this shit and confess that you can like something that’s popular unironically, even if that something is, in truth, Taylor Swift. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Let’s take it back a couple of years, state, 2006. Taylor Swift was brand-new on the scene. She was composing c and w tunes and simply being typically real AF. She had that curly hair that’s actually difficult to obtain. Seriously, no genuine human has Taylor circa ’06 hair. Anyhow, Tay was developing a quite strong fanbase of lovesick teens and c and w fans, aka middle America types who are simply genuine salt-of-the-Earth individuals. Keep in mind that Nashville liked Taylor initially, long prior to L.A. and New York captured on.

No one actually had that huge of an issue with Nashville Taylor. When she began dating hot star men and feuding with their exes, the issues actually began after she began crossing over into pop … orrrr it might be. Yeah, that’s most likely more like it.

So let’s analyze exactly what made you begin disliking on Taylor at first: the truth she might date men who would never ever have an interest in you. Was that it? Are you privately envious of Taylor Swift? That’s unusual and so desperate of you. It’s not her fault that Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas and a motherfucking Kennedy succumbed to her. That has absolutely nothing to do with you, honey. Soothe down.

And sure, you might argue that she was putting down other ladies for taking her guys– * cough * Camilla Belle * cough *– however think of this: Taylor has actually never ever verified who any of her tunes have to do with. It’s kind of fucked up to emphatically dislike somebody based on guesswork? Exactly what if her tunes have to do with random non-famous individuals? I imply, they’re most likely about well-known individuals, however it merely cannot be shown beyond a sensible doubt.

Ok, you’re most likely not purchasing all this Psychology 101 description of “why you actually dislike Taylor” shit. Let’s get to this prior to I have a legitimate Chris Crocker disaster in her defense.

If you’ve ever sobbed in your teenage bed room to “Teardrops on My Guitar”, if you held an odd dormitory dance celebration to “22”, if you’ve ever blasted “Blank Space” on repeat, you have to step off your Taylor hate for a minute and assess all the great times she offered you. I’m not stating you have to bust out an “I heart T.S.” t-shirt, however you can relax your shit on the hate for a minute.

Sure, you could argue “I can dislike the individual and still like the music”, however can you? Truly? That looks like bullshit to me. And if you actually disliked her, really, you ‘d never ever pay attention to her once again, due to the fact that each time you do, she’s chuckling all the method to the bank. Draw on that for a 2nd.

I seem like the majority of this hate originates from that millennials believe disliking things is cool. And if you’re ruling that factor out and you dislike her for no factor in an Anne Hathaway-type method, I cannot assist you.

Yes, I get that it’s difficult to obtain behind a grownup who uses Keds, however face it, you’ll provide an opportunity. You still follow her on Insta to see exactly what she’s up to. You’re drinking a great deal of Haterade for somebody you’re so consumed with.

If you dislike her due to the fact that you’re still mad about the Kanye/Kim fight, go back and recognizing you’re standing your ground in defense of the Kardashians. That’s likewise an odd position to take. Those individuals do not require you on their side, they do not even understand who you are.

On that note, neither does Taylor and you’re going to keep purchasing her music, so it most likely does not matter to her whether you dislike her or not. Which is sort of like, the betchiest thing one might do– she keeps generating income off her haters and not altering anything about herself no matter what. I’m into it.

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