New England Fans Won’t Like What Alexa Thinks Of The Patriots

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Seems like everybody has a viewpoint about Sunday’ s Super Bowl even Alexa, the human-like bot on the Amazon Echo gadget.

People who’ ve asked the gadget who is going to win have actually been shocked by the rather heated action:

“ The group preferred to win is the, cough, the, cough, excuse me, is the Patriots. That was difficult to obtain out, ” the gadget states.“ But I ’ m flying with the Eagles on this one since of their unrelenting defense and the momentum they’ ve been riding on their underdog status. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!”

HuffPost Illustration/Getty Images
“Alexa, go long!”

New Yorker Amber Jacquot found that Alexa is an Eagles fan Tuesday night, asking the bot various times prior to recording the video above.

HuffPost staff members with the Amazon Echo validate they’ ve heard comparable actions.

An Amazon associate informed HuffPost that Alexa frequently roots for the underdog.

“ She had a friendly competition with the Patriots in 2015, which belief continues this year, ” the representative informed HuffPost by e-mail.

Meanwhile, other digital assistants aren’ t almost as anti-pats or enthusiastic.

The Google Assistant states, “ I ’ m still choosing who to root for, ” when pushed for a response.

Apple’ s Siri simply chooses the existing point spread:

“ Apparently the chances preferred the Patriots over the Eagles by 41/2 points, ” it states.

UPDATE: This story has actually been upgraded to consist of Amazon ’ s action.

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