5 Things We Know About Meghan Markle’s Ex Husband, Trevor Engelson

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Meghan Markle essentially satisfied all our Cinderella story dreams when her engagement to Prince Harry was revealed on Nov. 27. The starlet had all of us swooning at the idea of their best romance. In fact, Markle is a really unexpected match for Prince Harry. She’s American, a starlet, and separated — all which are generally discredited by the royal household. It’s terrific to see the royals end up being more inclusive when, in the past, these things would require abdication. One concern still looms — Who is Meghan Markle’s ex-husband ? His name is Trevor Engelson and he’s a movie manufacturer.

While Markle and Prince Harry are presently exactly what dreams are made from, Markle does have a past. I’m sure Harry does, too, however he does not have a marital relationship license to back it up.

So, who is Trevor Engelson and how did he get fortunate sufficient to bag Meghan Markle? Raised in New York City, Engelson finished from University of California and ended up being a manufacturer. You most likely understand a few of his movies if you do not understand his name.

According to, Engelson’s resume consists of, “the 9/11 movie,, starring Robin Williams, and 2009’s e. Recently, he’s been handling tv tasks such as the upcoming remake and

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Lately, Engelson has actually been dealing with a brand-new job that * ahem * postures some resemblances to his own life. The program Engelson has actually been pitching around town involves a separated couple who needs to share custody of their kid . The twist? One half of the separated couple is from the royal household. CAN YOU IMAGINE? * Cough, cough. * According to, the main pitch is,

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