So THAT’S what that FBI agent meant when he sent that text about an ‘insurance policy’

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those anti-Trump texts exchanged by FBI representatives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, although the New York Times neglected of its story exactly what numerous think about to be the most damning one — the one where Strzok composed, “I wish to think the course you tossed out for factor to consider in Andy’ s workplace– that there ’ s no chance he [Trump] gets chosen — however I’ m scared we can ’ t take that danger. It ’ s like an insurance plan in the not likely occasion youpass away prior to you ’ re 40 …”

Since the messages– where Strzok and Page called Donald Trump an “moron” and a “pesky human” while examining him — went public, sources have actually stepped forward to describe. You see, the “insurance coverage” wasn’t a hedge versus Trump being chosen at all … it described strongly examining collusion in between Trump and Russia.

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