Cate Blanchett Asked About #MeToo & Woody Allen Says Social Media Is ‘Not The Judge And Jury’!

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Cate Blanchett has actually been a huge fan of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

But some have a tough time fixing up that with the truth she dealt with Woody Allen , who was implicated of molesting his child, Dylan Farrow .

Video: Cate Did Throw Blatant Shade In A VERY Public Forum

During a brand-new CNN interview , Christiane Amanpour asked the starlet, who won the very best Actress Oscar for her deal with Allen’s 2013 movie Blue Jasmine, how she fixes up “remaining quiet” about Woody.

Blanchett initially rejected that characterization, stating:

“I do not believe I’ve remained quiet at all. At the time that I dealt with Woody Allen, I understood absolutely nothing of the claims. At the time, I stated it’s a complex and extremely unpleasant scenario for the household, which I hope they have the capability to solve.”

It’s real. She stated practically precisely that .

But this time she included:

“If these accusations have to be reconsidered which, in my understanding, they’ve been through court, then I’m a huge follower in the justice system and setting legal precedents. If the case has to be resumed, I am definitely, totally in assistance of that.”

Cate stated #MeToo and #TimesUp was essential, however eventually she is a follower in due procedure:

“Social media is great about raising awareness about problems, however it’s not the judge and jury. I feel that these things have to enter into court, so if these abuses have actually taken place, the individual is prosecuted therefore somebody who is not in the glossy market that I am can utilize that legal precedent to safeguard themselves. Constantly, in my market or other market, they’re preyed upon due to the fact that they’re susceptible.”

It’s about damn time legal precedent readied in a few of these cases. * cough * Weinstein * cough * * cough * ManhattanDistrictAttorneyCyVance * cough *

Man, we have to get that cough took a look at

Watch Cate’s complete interview HERE !

Do YOU believe the legal case versus Woody ought to be resumed??

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