Jockstrap, Swords, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinosaur Skull: Get It All At Russell Crowe’s CRAZY Divorce Auction!

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In case you had not heard, you can get your hands on the strap that was on

In a declaration launched by Sotheby’s Australia , he described:

“Divorce has its method of making you truly take a look at the important things that are necessary in life — and the important things that are not. Through the procedure I took a look around and understood I had a great deal of things. Profession things, things I’ve gathered, and things in basic. Boxes and boxes of things … so in the spirit of progressing into fresh air, here’s a part of that collection of things.”

Lots in the Sotheby’s auction, entitled The Art Of Divorce, consist of Russell’s jockstrap from Cinderella Man, his sword from Gladiator, and his ludicrous purple fit from Virtuosity.

In addition to his own motion picture souvenirs, there’s a healthy quantity of art, guitars, cars, and more however the oddest thing might be a Mosasaur skull he obtained from Leonardo DiCaprio !

You can see the complete brochure HERE however rush!

The auction starts April 7 (Russell’s bday and wedding event anniversary) at 6 p.m. regional time in Sydney that’s 4 a.m. EST! And if you’re going to bid by phone or web you need to sign up by 11 p.m. EST!

[Image through Sotheby’s Australia ]

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