The Guy Who Has The @ChicagoWest Twitter Account Is Down To Hand It Over!

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In a world where everyone all over is attempting to make a fast dollar whether they deserve it or not (cough, cough,

You understand how this typically works: someone has a Twitter account that a superstar desires, and the superstar shells out some cash to get the deal with.

But for Wyatt, well, he’s not down with all that!

According to reports out today on TMZ, Wyatt believes that offering the account to Kim and Kanye “simply type of appears incorrect,” and he’s down to offer it up if they ask.

One thing they have not asked.

Weird, thinking about how thoughtful Kim has actually been for several years about social networks and branding.

But, you understand, she’s most likely got more crucial things to do like, you understand, like her brand-new stunning infant!!!

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Either method, seems like this is a Chicago West story that ends well, without any greed or needless social networks account auctions.

It’s the little things in life, best?! Ha!!

Jon Wyatt appears like a great man, too (listed below):

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