Australian Teenager Left Quadriplegic After Eating A Raw Slug

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Little might an Australian teen have actually learnt about the terrible outcome of consuming a raw slug as a “ attempt ”.


Back in 2010, then 19-year-old rugby gamer Sam Ballard was at a celebration with his good friends when he was attempted to consume a slug discovered in the garden. It turned out that slug was contaminated with a parasitic worm, which has left him quadriplegic .

The parasite, called Angiostrongylus cantonensis , is more frequently called rat lungworm. As their name recommends, these worms are normally discovered living in the lungs of rodents where they develop, requiring the rats to cough them up into their throats prior to swallowing the grownups. These nematodes then move through the gastrointestinal system of the rodent, prior to being pooped out the other end.

It is at this point that punches and snails end up being contaminated, as they feed upon the rat poop including the worms. Generally, the gastropods are then consumed by the rats and the cycle begins once again. In some cases, the contaminated slugs and snails are consumed by other things that can harbor the parasite, such as frogs, shrimps, and crabs. And periodically human beings.

There have actually been a couple of cases of individuals contracting rat lungworm in the past, however none with rather such a destructive end. In 1993, for instance, a young kid in New Orleans consumed a raw snail — once again as a “ attempt ”– and came down with muscle pains, a minor fever, and throwing up, however handled to clear the infection within a couple of weeks.

In the case of the regrettable teen in Australia, nevertheless, the passage of the parasitic worm into the nerve system and ultimately the brain tissue resulted in the advancement of eosinophilic meningoencephalitis . As an outcome, Ballard fell under a coma for 420 days, and upon waking was not able to utilize any of his limbs and needed a feeding tube. 8 years on, and he still needs 24/7 care.

Unfortunately, this care has actually come at a heavy rate for the household, who are rapidly lacking funds to support Ballard. A scenario made all the even worse by the truth that the Australian federal government has actually now slashed the quantity of help it was intending on providing as a method to assist ease these costs.

Rat lungworm prevails throughout East Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific Islands, however has actually likewise been discovered in parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States. It is advised that, undoubtedly, you do not consume raw slugs and snails. You need to likewise clean any green veg that may be concealing them, and make certain that other foods like frogs, shrimp, and crabs are completely prepared prior to consuming them.

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