The Worst Couple Names People Call Their SO % Betches

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I never ever truly got why individuals utilized labels for their SO. Like, we were all provided names when we were born, are those unsatisfactory? Regardless, there are some actually bad couple names out there. I constantly believed names that associated to food or being a kid were the worst couple names one might call their SO, however kid was I incorrect. After looking into for this post, I discovered that there are some truly unusual af individuals out there who call their SOs some absurd names.

Exhibit A:


1. Vagitarian , Boobarella, Tits, Meat Blanket, Or Any Name Related To Their Nether Regions

IMO, any label that particularly recommendations to yours or your partner’ s nether areas is absolutely at the top of the worst couple names EVER. Unless you are waiting up until marital relationship (why …?), we understand you f * ck, you put on’ t have to make it public (* cough * Pete and Ariana). Is your SO simply their vaginal area or penis? Due to the fact that if not, utilize a various label.

2. Poopsie

It’ s been practically 3 years and I still wear’ t sh * t in front of my partner– like hell I’d call him a name associated to it. How is this from another location romantic? If you enjoy unclean Sanchez-ing, then this scary couple name is solely for your usage.

3. Mommy or Daddy

I’ m going to presume that individuals who utilize these labels are not in fact dating their moms and dad since that would be, like, a criminal activity, yes? If calling your SO “ daddy ” is your method of being submissive to him, then check out chains.


4. The Ol ’ Ball and Chain

We all understand those couples who are the meaning of this worst couple name. I choose the term “ whipped, ” however to each their own. If you hear your partner call your relationship this with his pals, it’ s an indication you must end the relationship pronto. Go look for somebody who is method less sexist.

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