Mixed-race family asks Blue Bell Ice Cream to change flavor name

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A Louisiana household believes they have a much better name for heaven Bell Ice&Cream taste The Great Divide.(Traci Schmidley)

A mixed-race household of 8 are asking Blue Bell Ice Cream to alter the name of a popular chocolate and vanilla ice cream taste, The Great Divide, to be more inclusive.

Traci Schmidley, her hubby, and their brood of 6 kids were taking a seat for an ice cream celebration at their Louisiana the home of commemorate completion of a tough week, Schmidley composed on Love What Matters .

“ We constantly purchase Blue Bell, and this time we picked the taste The Great Divide, which has chocolate on one half and vanilla on the other half, ” Schmidley composed.

After dispensing the dessert, Schmidley stated her older child, 10, jokingly called the Great Divide taste the Civil War.

“ The line down the middle of the container advised him of the Mason Dixon line, and the name advised him of a time in history when our country seemed irrevocably divided. He took a look at our table and saw a mix of both white and black individuals, not divided on one side or another like in the ice cream however collected around the table together, ” she composed.


Schmidley composed that her kid was not calling the name or grumbling “ racist, ” he simply “ didn ’ t believe the name ‘ fantastic divide ’ was the very best name for something as splendidly unifying as Blue Bell ice cream. ”

The Great Divide functions vanilla on one side of the container and chocolate ice cream on the other. (Blue Bell Ice Cream)

So Schmidley, an instructor who homeschools her kids, saw a knowing chance.

“ We had a great deal of excellent conversation about how regardless of the department at that time in our nation ’ s history, how our extremely table, situated in the Deep South, was reflective of how far we have actually come as an individuals, ” she composed. “ I challenged the kids to come up with a various name that might catch the intent of Blue Bell ice cream however would show the exceptional development our nationhas actually made. ”

Within twenty minutes, the happy mama stated 2 of her boys developed a brand-new name: Better Together.

Schmidley and her spouse cultivate more kids in addition to their 6– 2 of whom were embraced from foster care– and they all have various skin colors, which triggered thekids’brand-new name.

“ I believed a brand-new name might be ‘ Better Together, ’ since it will make everybody pleased and likewise in our household, everybody, no matter our color, are all much better together. If we collaborate, we ’ re truly effective, and absolutely nothing can conquer it, ” her kids composed on Facebook.

“ The indication on the wall checks out: When you have more than you require construct a longer table, not a greater fence.”

– Traci Schmidley

The Facebook post has actually resembled more than 25 thousand times and shared 12 thousand times.

Schmidley, who explains her household as being enthusiastic about education, faith, and adoption, was stunned by the action.

“ People are sending us stunning pictures of their varied households and

neighborhoods from all over the world with #bettertogether, ” she composed.

Their viral story likewise brought in the attention of Blue Bell, who Schmidley informs Yahoo Lifestyle sent out the kids a letter.

“ They responded online and sent out the kids some present and a letter certificates, ” Schmidley informs Yahoo Lifestyle. “ They were helpful and extremely motivating. They liked the message and matched the kids. ”

Blue Bell did not right away return an ask for remark, however Joe Robertson, director of public relations at Blue Bell Creameries stated to Yahoo Lifestyle:

“ We were impressed when we&checked out the letter, by their consideration and their empathy for all individuals, and we are humbled by their love of our ice cream. We are so pleased by them and applaud Traci for offering the environment where a crucial discussion like this can happen. ”

Although the business enjoys the concept of “ Better Together, ” it most likely will not alter the name.

“ We developed Great Divide so that households didn ’ t need to pick in between 2 favorites however might delight in both Homemade Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate in one container! ” the declaration checked out.


Though Schmidley is simply pleased that their message can spread out delight.

“ The indication on the wall checks out: When you have morethan you require develop a longer table, not a greater fence. We hope this post influences you to accept the distinct variety within your household and neighborhood and promote the concept and reality that we are all genuinely #bettertogether, ” she composed on Love What Matters.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle author and editor for Fox News.

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