“My Son Could Have Died”: Moms Urgent Warning About Popular Dragon Breath Snack

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Dragon’ s Breath cereal balls, are 2018 ’ s newest treat fad. The reward is basically a “ dessert cereal treat that tastes like Fruit Loops dipped in liquid nitrogen, ” according to Today.com .

The appeal of the fashionable brand-new dessert is that it leaves clients breathing “ smoke like a dragon.”


While it might seem like all enjoyable and video games, Florida mom Racheal Richard McKenny is all too mindful that these treats can be downright fatal.

In an effort to make other moms and dads mindful, she shared her frightening shopping mall experience with her boy Johnny in a viral Facebook post that has actually because been shared almost 100,000 times.

Read Racheal’ s immediate caution listed below:

“ Dragon ’ s Breath WARNING


I wish to share Johnny’ s story with everybody to act as a cautionary tale in hopes that it might avoid this from occurring once again.

There is a treat served at shopping center kiosks called ‘ Dragon ’ s Breath. ’ It ’ s a liquid nitrogen instilled cereal that, when consumed, enables you to blow smoke like a dragon. Sounds quite cool? There’ s likewise a video that highlights individuals consuming it. The video uses a TELEVISION beside the kiosk and records the attention of everybody that goes by. Johnny saw it and wished to attempt it the other day. I let him.

As a little bit of a history, Johnny has asthma. He has had a prescription inhaler for 5 years now, however we have actually seldom needed to utilize it. It remains in my getaway bag anytime we are doing something that includes a great deal of exercise (like strolling the amusement park, riding our bikes around the community, or going to the park) so that we have it on hand simply in case of an emergency situation. We likewise have a nebulizer maker in your home. That device does get a little usage to assist clear his lungs whenever he has a bad cold or upper breathing infection. Even then, the nebulizer just gets utilized 2 or 3 times a year. That being stated, I did not have either among those with us when we went to the shopping mall. It never ever even crossed my mind that we may require them. I was incorrect.

We took the kids approximately The Avenues shopping center in Jacksonville the other day. On our escape, we let the kids divided one order of the Dragon’ s Breath cereal deals with. They had a good time and it appeared safe enough. We left the shopping mall right after that and began the 40-minute vehicle trip house. About 10-minutes into the trip house, Johnny began a periodic cough. Around 20 minutes in, the cough ended up being truly constant. By the time we passed the Palencia sub department, he was coughing so bad that he was having problem capturing his breath. We understood he couldn’ t breathe, and we understood that we couldn ’ t get him to the healthcare facility in time.

Thankfully, John understood that there was a firehouse simply down the roadway near the prison and the court house. I’ ve resided in St. Augustine for more than 25-years and didn’ t understand there was one there. Please, if you do not understand where the EMTs lie in your town, then look it up.

We had the ability to stop at the station house and the EMTs had the ability to instantly begin Johnny on an albuterol treatment and hook him as much as an IV while preparing him for transportation. The nebulizer was not enhancing his breathing at all and, by the time they got him packed into the ambulance, he required a shot of epinephrine. Johnny had a 2nd breathing treatment and steroid en route to the medical facility and was doing so better by the time we got to Flagler Hospital.

What activated this? The liquid nitrogen smoke from the Dragon’ s Breath cereal.



PLEASE, if you understand somebody that has even simply a moderate case of asthma, do NOT let them have this treat. I must have understood much better, however it did not strike me that this food might have this impact. As an outcome, my boy might have passed away. Please wear’ t make the exact same error I did.


Even if I had Johnny’ s albuterol, I ’ m not exactly sure it would have sufficed because he didn’ t start enhancing till he had the epinephrine shot. It may have stopped or slowed the attack long enough to get to the healthcare facility in time. That being stated, if you have actually a liked one that has an inhaler for any factor, please ALWAYS keep it with you. Perhaps that must go without even requiring to be stated, however it’ s definitely essential sufficient to repeat. Johnny has actually never ever required his inhaler prior to (even on afternoons where he strolls 5+ miles in the amusement park), so I’ ve never ever changed it to my handbag for basic shopping journeys. Once again, this was my error. Please wear’ t do that.


Johnny is home now. He will be on steroids the next couple of days and his nebulizer maker as required, however he’ s succeeding.

Finally, THANK YOU to the incredible heroes at the St. Johns County Fire Rescue station # 12. The males there conserved Johnny’ s life. I am forever gratefully.”


Please SHARE Racheal’ s essential message with the moms and dads you understand today. It might conserve a life!

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