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You may believe we left the ’90s far, far behind us, however on this day in 2018 the world is when again contacted us to turn its attention to Robert Matthew Van Winkle, the rap artist best understood by his phase name, Vanilla Ice.

Now there’s a great chance you’re asking yourself, “Why in the world is the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ artist pertinent once again?” Did he drop some brand-new music? Did Trump effort to tweet his preferred taste of ice cream and mess up!? Great guesses, however no! Due to the fact that this afternoon he declared to be a traveler on a quarantined airplane at New York’s JFK Airport, #peeee

Vanilla Ice is presently in the news. If that’s real, and … uh … naturally everybody desires to understand.

In order to unload this unanticipated and unusual Vanilla Ice story, we welcome you all to stop, team up, and listen to a breakdown.

Early Wednesday early morning, as numerous as 100 travelers on Emirates Flight 203 — which flew to JFK from Dubai — were reported ill, lots of struggling with a cough and fevers over 100 degrees.

The airplane, which was bring 500 travelers, apparently landed at 9:06 a.m. ET, and after a quarantine, 10 guests and team members in requirement of additional medical attention were required to a medical facility. The story didn’t end there.

At around 2:00 p.m. ET, semi-forgotten rap artist (however still precious whenever the musical fond memories hits) Vanilla Ice tweeted that he too was stuck on a quarantined airplane at JFK.

Image: screengrab/tweetdeck

But because the tweets came so long after the Emirates Flight 203 drama was initially reported, and 4 hours after Emirates Airline tweeted a declaration, the rap artist’s claims were a bit complicated.

Image: screengrab/google

Was Vanilla Ice actually on a quarantined airplane?

“So I simply landed from Dubai and now there resembles lots of ambulances and fire engine and authorities all over the location, ” Vanilla Ice tweeted, along with a video drawn from the window of an aircraft.

He started a thread, sharing video of protection of the Emirates Airbus A380 that had actually landed hours previously, and tweeting, “This is insane. Obviously there is over 100 individuals ill on the bottom flooring, so pleased I’ m up leading, it ’ s a double decker airplane 380.”

Though Vanilla Ice might have absolutely been tweeting live updates from the quarantined airplane, some warnings — consisting of the postponed timing of his tweets — absolutely emerged.

A huge point of confusion came when it was found Twitter user @Larry Coben had actually published photos from practically the exact same angle as Vanilla Ice, just hours previously.

A theory was that Vanilla Ice was just tweeting his updates late, however according to Dataminr area tracking, he was tweeting from JFK at around 2:00 p.m., so possibly the de-boarding of the airplane brought into the afternoon and Ice was apprehended a bit longer?

While the world waited for responses, individuals could not skip the chance to make some quality Vanilla Ice jokes.

And though we still wait for more concrete info on what occurred with the airplane travelers from a medical perspective by means of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we do understand Vanilla Ice is safe.

In an unique interview with the Blast, a fresh-off-the-formerly-quarantined-plane Vanilla Ice stated he “didn’ t believe it was that huge of an offer” initially, and travelers were informed throughout the flight some individuals were ill so they were going to the middle of the runway to “hang out.”

“They sealed the 2 floorings and ultimately eliminated very first class at a different entryway,” Vanilla Ice stated, discussing he was offered a fast medical check upon de-planing and needed to submit a health type.

The interview released at around 11:25 a.m. PDT or 2:25 p.m. ET, not long after Vanilla Ice tweeted his airplane updates, so maybe he was simply cooling on the runway for the afternoon. The tweet timing secret aside, it appears like Vanilla Ice was on the airplane after all, and regretfully the obstacle triggered him to miss his linking flight to Florida.

Will the 2018 drama ever stop? Yo, I do not understand. (But my gosh, let’s all hope so.)

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