8 things your mucus says about your health

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Mucus secures our body by trapping germs and particles. The color and texture of your mucous can provide hints about your total health.

1. If your mucous is black or gray …


… you most likely breathed in dark-colored particles, like smoke from a fire or heavy exhaust. Routine cigarette smokers can likewise burn out darker mucous since of the tar or other poisonous by-products they breathe in, states Alfred M.C. Iloreta, Jr., MD, an otolaryngologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. If you ’ re not a cigarette smoker, black mucous might imply a major fungal infection, specifically in individuals with jeopardized body immune systems, according to Cleveland Clinic . Wondering why we even have mucous in the very first location? Here ’ s the description(plus, the science behind 9 other kinds of body gunk).

2. Ifyour mucous is extremely thick and sticks in your throat …


… you might be dehydrated. Dehydration can trigger mucous to thicken and coat the throat, making it feel dry and sticky, states Dr. Iloreta. Gulping down H20 will hydrate your body and the mucous must thin right out.


3. If your mucous is green or yellow …


… you may have pneumonia, a sinus or throat infection, or another breathing system infection and your body immune system is hard at work.“ The green color originates from an overload of leukocyte battling that infection, ” states Dr. Iloreta. You ’ ll most likely observe other signs, such as a cough or stuffy nose. Attempt these pointers to alleviate blockage .

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