“My Inconvenience Is Not Worth Another Childs Life”: Mom Posts Urgent Warning That EVERY Parent Should Read

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As influenza season quick approaches, it’ s simple to consider the reasons we require to keep ourselves safeguarded. With in 2015 being the most dangerous influenza season in years, we’ ve all discovered that this infection can do a lot more damage than a stuffy nose and an upset stomach. It’ s definitely time to get those influenza shots for our own defense.

But what about watching out for the care of others, especially babies, who could quickly deal with death if they enter contact with your relatively moderate health problem?

“ It ’ s simple to believe oh, it ’ s simply a cough, no concerns, however simply a cou gh to us might be a medical facility stay for her, ” Tennesse mama Steph Moser composed in a Facebook post that spread out like wildfire given that being shared by Love What Matters .

Moser was mentioning her pal’ s child, Lottie, who has actually been defending her own valuable life.

Lottie is her “ why ”– the factor she doesn ’ thead out anywhere while ill, even if it’ s simply to run an easy errand, due to the fact that it ’ s unworthy running the risk of the life of another.


She motivates everyone to discover our “ why ” too.


Read Moser ’ s post completely listed below, and make sure to share her effective message with your pals on Facebook today:

“ This is Lottie. She is my pal ’ s child and a heart warrior. I have actually followed her journey and wished her and her mom and the rest of her household a lot.


Why am I sharing this? Since Lottie is my why. She is the factor I do not head out while ill and the factor (more notably) I wear’ t take my kids out in public while ill. It ’ s showing up on influenza season and numerous other diseases and colds. It’ s simple to believe oh,it ’ s simply a cough, no concerns, however simply a cou gh to us might be a health center remain for her. Simply a cough to us might be the death of a kid whose body immune system is clinically jeopardized. I get it, it ’ s troublesome, you require groceries it can’ t wait, however my hassle is unworthy another kid ’ s life.



Recently, Frankie had a cough so rather of exercising like typical, I stayed at home for 2 days. He’ s now on medications for an ear infection, non-contagious, however prior to taking him to the physician I didn’ t understand. It ’ s simple to believe well they will remain in my cart, they won ’ t touch anybody, however what they touch is what a perhaps clinically delicate kid will touch later on. If you wear’ t have a why, get one. Take a look at this sweet woman and consider her and all of the treatments and surgical treatments she has actually needed to make it this far, or think about the moms and dads who have actually published stories of their kids who have actually passed away since they “ had ” to lastly leave the safe house of their home and wound up capturing RSV from a shopping cart or a see to satisfy Santa.

Have a why. Don’ t be so taken in with your life that you forget what others are going through. Spread love and care and stay at home. Usage household to assist keep kids while you run those should errands or have a relative or good friend run the errand for you if it’ s you who is ill. And good friends want to be a pal to those who require aid due to illness remaining in their home. I get it, we put on’ t have household close at all, we missed our Christmas service in 2015 at church due to the influenza remaining in our home. Don’ t simply secure your kids, secure the kids that an easy cold might indicate life or death or holding off a life-altering surgical treatment, simply consider it.

Dinner doesn’ t need to be hot, sandwiches fill you up much like anything else. Lottie is my why, discover yours.”


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