Wendy Williams Is Back On TV & Addressing Rumors Of Marital Issues Head On – ‘I’m Still Wearing My Ring’ – Perez Hilton

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Wendy Williams went back to daytime TELEVISION Monday early morning to a standing ovation following her two-month prolonged break, and resolved her health and marital relationship straight.

The 54-year-old discussed that she had actually been off the air given that the vacations since of health concerns, consisting of problems from Graves illness:

“We were expected to just be off for 2 weeks for Christmas trip … I began to feel thyroid problems. They’ re still changing my medications. I’ m the sort of client, if I cough, I’ m thinking, I ’ m passing away … I can ’ t even inform you the number of medical professionals I have. They pressed me therein, I get the MRIs and after that I get the CAT scans You understand, I ’ m 54, and not for absolutely nothing despite the fact that you feel 25, honey you understand.”

The Wendy Williams Show host likewise talked about the reports that she had actually taken some time off since of marital concerns with her spouse Kevin Hunter Sr. , guaranteeing audiences that all is well:

“I wish to shout-out to my partner. I’ m still using my ring. Think me you, when you ’ ve been with someone for 28 years, wed for 25 years … we understand each other. He’ s my friend, he ’ s my enthusiast I understand what you’ ve been seeing, however hunty, let me reveal you who I fell for and who he fell for. I’ m still quite in love with my other half and anybody who’ s been wed … you understand. Marital relationships have streams and recedes, marital relationship isn’ t simple. And wear ’ t ask me about mine till you see this gone. And it ain’ t going anywhere, not in this life time.”

She likewise wrecked while freely talking about how these reports and her health have actually impacted her 18-year-old child, Kevin Hunter Jr. :

“Young Kevin, he actually doesn’ t appreciate much of anything … you understand, jerks at 18. I was doing that, simply taking care — take care of yourselves. I’ m sorry it took me 40, nearly 50 days. I’ m sorry … however I need tostate it ’ s not going to take place any longer, and I feel excellent. I simply actually got ta concentrate on being mama. When you see us doing things strolling down the street or things … simply leave me alone if I’ m with my kid or my spouse or my mama or my father or my sis or my bro.”

The TELEVISION character went on to describe she invested a great deal of time exercising her mind and body throughout her hiatus:

“I’ m in the house and I ’ m taking my thyroid medications and I’ m meditating … I ’ m going to the fitness center 7 days a week for 2 hours a day. Think me you. I wear’ t understand how this attire reads on TELEVISION, however mom has actually not acquired a pound.”

But getting much healthier didn’t stop her from critiquing the United Sates medical system:

“But you need to look after yourself and among the important things that truly does draw about our nation is we wear’ t have correct healthcare.”

We’re thankful to see you doin’ much better, Wendy!

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