Umm, Could Taylor Swift Be The Next Celeb To Get Engaged? Betches

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It’ s a [non-denominational winter season vacation] wonder! Taylor Swift might have lastly discovered the blue-eyed gladly ever after of her dreams. A source “ near to ” Swift (my guess is Meredith )informed United States Weekly that Swift ’ s sweetheart Joe Alwyn is aiming to propose ! Swift and Alwyn have actually been dating for 2 years which is roughly a life time in Swift years. Apart from the reality that the majority of the love tunes on Reputation have to do with him(she’s ideal– he’s stunning )the 2 have actually kept their relationship mainly out of the general public eye. The subtle nature of Swift and Alwyn ’ s relationship is a quite huge departure from Taylor ’ s typical trajectory ofdating somebody extremely openly for a duration of numerous months prior to discarding them(likewise really openly)and composing 10-20 actually best pop tunes about it.

The exact same source(* cough * Meredith * cough *)informed United States that Alwyn is Swift ’ s “dream person ” which he ’ s “ crazy about proposing quickly, ” however wishes to make it “ exceptionally unique and memorable. ” Considering Taylor Swift has 10 GRAMMYs and actually invested a whole year carrying out to sold-out arenas with cameos from all of the most well-known individuals in the world, discovering something that will be “ extraordinary ” to her is most likely quite difficult.

On the other hand, I have it on excellent authority(Meredith)that Swift is * something * of a romantic, and will most likely turn the f * ck out over whatever Alwyn picks to do. She is, after all, the Charlotte of pop princesses(Ariana is Carrie, Riri is Samantha, and Gaga is Miranda– do not @ me. )According to United States Weekly, Swift is “ more major about [Alwyn] than she ’ s ever been with anybody else, ” which is why she ’ s attempting to do things a little in a different way.

So Taylor Swift is growing as a female, gaining from previous errors, and structure much healthier relationships as an outcome? What is she, a human lady?

Of course, there’s constantly a great chance that United States Weekly and/or their source(Olivia? )are making this up for attention and/or clicks. Taylor is notoriously on top of her PR. She when attempted to take legal action against a blog writer for linking her to white supremacists(in Taylor’s defense, I would likewise be mad if somebody linked me to white supremacists), so if this is a bullsh * t story planted for attention, I picture Taylor and her adept group are currently crafting the cease-and-desist.

Is it incorrect of me to subtle hope that this entire scoop isn’t real which Taylor hasn’t grown as an individual so that we can continue to profit of her amazing break up bops? Sure, Ari offered us Thank U, Next (and for her I’m so grateful), however Taylor is the undeniable queen of separation tunes. If she loses that by marrying then she’ll simply be what? A female with 10 Grammys, “”>$50 million in NY property , and a beautiful spouse? Who desires that?

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