The best ‘Game of Thrones’ quotes from all your favorite characters

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Game of Thrones has a lot of remarkable quotes to count.

Fans of the acclaimed series have actually been using “I consume and I understand things” t-shirts, yelling “Dracarys” at their microwaves and murmuring “Valar Morghulis” to pals for many years now. With numerous popular expressions, nevertheless, it can be difficult to keep lines from HBO’s impressive series directly. With that in mind, we believed we ‘d have a look at the most popular and finest Game of Thrones prices quote from each significant character.

The finest Game of Thrones quotes

There are actually numerous characters in Game of Thrones. A lot of them lost their lives at some time in the seven-plus ruthless seasons we’ve seen up until now. In the last couple of episodes alone, we’ve seen a variety of precious characters fall. We can’t consist of all of them here, however we’ve picked a couple of favorites with the most lasting and impactful quotes.

Daenerys Targaryen



Anytime the Dragon Queen says this effective Valyrian word, fans all over squeal in pleasure. She has actually utilized this word to summon fire from her dragons given that the 2nd season, when they were hardly old sufficient to spend smoke.

“I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of old Valyria and I will take what is mine, with fire and blood I will take it.”

Dany is no complete stranger to effective and affecting speeches. Through Game of Thrones 8 seasons, her bold speeches have actually put lots of a conceited guy in his location. Among the most crucial was available in the season 2 episode “The Old Gods and the New,” when Daenerys spoke these enthusiastic words.

Jorah Mormont



I understand, I understand, this is hardly a quote. When you think about Ser Jorah, nevertheless, this wore word is most likely the very first thing that pops into your head. It makes an area, not due to the fact that of the frequency with which Jorah states it, however for the vast array of tone and concealed significance he interacts in each different utterance.

“There is a monster in every guy, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand.”

Jorah might have discovered as brutish from time to time, however he typically stated stylish expressions like this. Spoken with Dany in the season 3 episode “Walk of Punishment,” Jorah looks for to assist Dany comprehend the scaries of warfare. By season 8, she has actually discovered that lesson all too well.

Tyrion Lannister


“I consume and I understand things.”

Even if you’ve never ever seen an episode of Game of Thrones in your life, this expression is quickly identifiable. Never ever has an expression so appropriately summarized a character. This line, spoken by Tyrion in the season 6 episode “Home,” came throughout a discussion about the health of Dany’s dragons. It rapidly ended up being an informal slogan of the series.

“I have a tender area in my heart for cripples, bastards, and damaged things.”

Some of the lines in Game of Thrones are more similar to poetry than anything else. Such holds true with this classy line, spoken by Tyrion to Robb Stark in the appropriately entitled season 1 episode “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.” It might not be Tyrion’s best-known line, however it exposes an unshakeable and deep part of who he is.

Cersei Lannister


“When you play the video game of thrones, you win or you pass away. There is no happy medium.”

If ever there were a traditional Game of Thrones quote, it’s this one. Said by Cersei in the season 1 episode “You Win Or You Die,” this quote provides the program’s title without being apparent and uncomfortable. The line is provided in Cersei’s last fight with the Eddard Stark after he challenges her with her kids’s real parentage.

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Sansa Stark


  • =”item-title”> “I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my house, and you can’t terrify me.”

    Sansa has actually gone through possibly the most remarkable improvement in Game of Thrones. Shewent from the shy, lovestruck woman that satisfied Joffrey in season 1 to the determining, smart female controling season 8. This line,spoken with Ramsay Bolton’s twisted enthusiast Miranda in the season 5 episode”Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”showed Sansa’s unbelievable transformation.

    “Thank you for all your numerous lessons, Lord Baelish. I will always remember them.”

    Finally, lastly, wegot to enjoy Littlefinger’s manipulative, conniving self pass away. It was a marvelous minute for Game of Thrones fans all over, made even more impactful by Sansa’s definite quote. Littlefinger’s trial was a wonderfuladdition to season 7’s ending,”The Dragon and the Wolf.”

  • Bran Stark


    “I ended up being the three-eyed raven.”

    This quote isn’t the most interesting one on the list, however it is most likely Bran’s a lot of identifiable line In the previous couple of seasons, it looks like he revealed his brand-new title to everyone he discovers. Maybe the most remarkable minute can be found in the season 7 episode “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

    “The things we provide for love.”

    Bran might not have actually been the very first to speak this line, however ho-boy did he blow us away when he did. Spoken by Jamie Lannister as he pushed Bran from a tower– completely disabling him– Bran brought this quote back around in the season 8 episode”A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.”

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    Theon Greyjoy


    “My name is Reek.”

    Theon Greyjoy is certainly in the running for the Game of Thrones character who went through the most remarkable modification. His journey from conceited boy to traitor, detainee, and damaged male– and lastly leadto him being born once again. Prior to he discovered his escape the opposite, nevertheless, he was Reek. A damaged Theon spoke this line to Ramsay Bolton in the season 3 ending,” Mhysa.”


  • for me for Yara!”When he spoke this enthusiastic line in the season 7 ending, #steeee

    Theon’s transformation finished itself. Theon, permanently altered by Ramsay’s torture, deserted

  • his sibling in”Stormborn,”the 2nd episode of season 7. After learning that she was still alive, Theon rallied the Ironborn to combat their method to their leader.

    Arya Stark

    > HBO

    “A woman has no name.”

    There are practically a lot of popular Arya prices estimate to select from. In lots of methods, the young assassin declared”Valar Morghulis”as her own, and even”stick ’em with the pointy end “has actually ended up being a fan preferred, after later seasons saw numerous callbacks. Among the favorites, nevertheless, is this renowned line. The young Stark spoke this line with such frequency in between seasons 5 and 6 that it would be redundant to mention private events.

    “Not today.”

    This easy expression has actually discovered its method on to a lot of tattoos, paintings, and product given that Arya initially spoke it in season 1. Season 8’s exhilarating callback had fans actually shrieking in pleasure, so there was no chance we to make this list without including it. What do we state to the god of death?

    The Hound


    “Fuck the Kingsguard, fuck the city. Fuck the king.”

    The Hound lastly cut ties with the Lannisters and King Joffrey in the season 3 episode”Blackwater.”He provided his last words to Joffrey with a wineskin in hand, prior to deserting his post, and Kings Landing. From there, audiences saw the Hound modification profoundly as a character. All of it began with this gratifying line.

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    ” Cunt.”

    It might be simply one word, however the Hound’s star Rory McCann utilizes it with such adaptability, it might be utilized in location of a lots lines. From “great deals of cunts”to” bald cunt”with numerous others in between, the Hound utilized this word to produce a

  • language all his own.

    Game of Thrones quotes: Notable small characters



    Season 2 Episode 4:”There’s no

  • remedy for being a cunt.”

    Spoken to Tyrion Lannister about King Joffrey.


    Season 7 Episode 2:”You are my weak point.”

    Spoken to Missande.

    > Missande

  • Season 7 Episode 4:”I serve my queen since I wish to serve my queen. Since I think in her.”

    Spoken to Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth.

    Yara Greyjoy

    Season 8 Episode 1:”What is dead might never ever pass away. Eliminate the bastards anyhow.”

    Spoken to her sibling, Theon Greyjoy.

    Euron Greyjoy

    Season 8 Episode 1:”They cheated at dice. Or perhaps I cheated? Somebody cheated. They weren’t excellent fighters. You will not miss them.”

    Spoken to Cersei Lannister about the Golden Company.

    Ser Davos Seaworth

    Season 6 Episode 3:” Good. Now go stop working once again.”

    Spoken to Jon Snow.


    Season 2 Episode 2:”How can somebody so little be such a big discomfort in my ass?”

    Spoken to Arya Stark.

    Brienne of Tarth

    Season 2 Episode 8: “All my life guys like you have actually sneered at me. And all my life I’ve been knocking males like you into the dust.”

    Spoken to Jamie Lannister.

    Tormund Giantsbane

    Season 8 Episode 2:”They call me “Giantsbane.”Wish to know why? When I was 10, I eliminated a giant. I climbed up right into bed with his spouse. When she awakened, you understand what she did? Nursed me at her teat for 3 months. Idea I was her child. That’s how I got so strong. Giant’s milk.”

    Spoken to a space loaded with individuals who absolutely didn’t ask.

    Lyanna Mormont

    Season 7 episode 1:”I do not intend on knitting by the fire while guys defend me. I may be little, Lord Glover, and I may be a lady, however I am every bit as much a Northerner as you. And I do not require your consent to protect the North.”

    Spoken to Lord Glover.

    Samwell Tarly

    Season 7 Episode 5:”I’m sick of checking out the accomplishments of much better males.”

    Spoken to Gilly.


    Season 3, Episode 6:”Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder . Numerous who attempt to climb it stop working and never ever get to attempt once again. The fall breaks them. And some are provided an opportunity to climb up, however they decline. They hold on to the world or the gods or love. Impressions. Just the ladder is genuine. The climb is all there is.”

    Spoken to Varys. The quote handled included significance when Bran duplicated back part of it,”Chaos is a ladder,”throughout their conference in season 7, episode 4,”The spoils of war.”


    “For the night is complete and dark of horrors.”

    Spoken all the time, to anybody who will listen.


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