Captain Marvel’s 2 post-credits scenes, explained

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Warning: This post consists of spoilers for Captain Marvel .

Captain Marvel, out in theaters today, weaves its method into the higher Marvel Cinematic Universe by connecting to several movies (especially Guardians of the Galaxy ) throughout its two-plus hours. The movie’s 2 post-credit scenes seal those ties even further, particularly as one of them serves as a direct start to Avengers: Endgame .

Speculation on what had actually taken place to Carol Danvers in the more than 20 years given that the occasions of her movie played out, and why she had not been a significant gamer in the MCU up previously, had actually been widespread. The description within Captain Marvel was an easy one: Having stopped Kree’s Star Force and her old coach Yon-Rogg from acquiring the Tesseract, Carol left Earth to assist Talos and the rest of the Skrulls discover a brand-new house while ending the war versus the Kree. She offered Nick Fury his pager back– which she at first removed so that he would not call S.H.I.E.L.D. representatives on her once again– with some upgrades so that he can reach her approximately a number of galaxies away and informed him to call her when it comes to an emergency situation.

But as it quickly emerges, the world that Carol left had actually altered considerably because she occupied it.

Fury’s message is gotten

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The very first post-credits scene occurs in-between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame . And, well, things aren’t fantastic.

We do not understand just how much time has actually passed given that Thanos snapped half deep space out of presence , however it’s been long enough that 4 of the making it through Avengers– Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and Rhodey– have actually had the ability to take a trip back to Avengers HQ from Wakanda. They’re in a space that we’ve seen in the Endgame trailer as Cap enjoys the tally of the worldwide missing out on increase even greater. The number is continuously upgrading, however it’s huge. We’re talking trillions.

Fury and Maria Hill are both gone , however the Avengers have actually gotten their hands on Fury’s boosted pager, which they’ve linked to a maker. The signal has actually stopped sending out even after bypassing the battery, however Steve Rogers desires it to be relayed once again. Bruce concerns what it may be, Natasha is on Steve’s side; she desires to understand who’s on the other end of the pager. Prior to they can do that, Carol drops in with longer hair than she had in the rest of Captain Marvel and a somewhat various variation of her uniform; her shoulder pads are gold.

“Where’s Fury?” Carol asks.

For that response, Carol will need to wait up until Endgame . And much of where she’s been and what she’s depended on in the last 20-something years is still up in the air. We do not understand whether she had the ability to discover the Skrulls a brand-new world to survive on and end the war versus the Kree, or how far she was from Earth prior to Fury paged her. If she was in any method near Thanos’ reach when he acquired all of the Infinity Stones, she likely saw his rage firsthand.

And the Avengers will have a lot of concerns for her. As we saw in Captain Marvel , Carol is more than approximately the task of signing up with that battle.

Goose’s huge issue

Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

The 2nd post-credits scene– the one that plays after all of Captain Marvel ‘s credits roll– is much shorter and easier, however it still offers a quickly relatable minute for practically any feline owner.

At some point after the occasions of Captain Marvel , Goose, who’s settled in Fury’s workplace, hops onto his desk. And the magnificent flerken who assisted secure a Kree army and swiped Fury’s left eye will hack up something huge. He consumed numerous things and individuals in the movie, so you feel for him when something does not sit well. (And like any common feline, obviously , he does it on the one location that would be most bothersome.)

What does he spend? Not any of the Kree he took in– that would’ve been actually unpleasant– however rather the Tesseract itself, which he swallowed for safe-keeping previously in the movie.

Once he eliminates the Tesseract, Goose appears totally great; he’s even grooming himself later. And as far as we can inform, there were no adverse effects of having actually consumed it. Now that it’s out of his system, Fury was able to keep it with S.H.I.E.L.D. so that he would have access to it by the time he presented the cube to Erik Selvig.

Skip past a couple of Marvel movies, and the Tesseract, which is holding the Space Stone, changing hands a couple of times, and all of us understand how that wound up.

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