‘I’ll forever feel guilt that cough was cancer’

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Image copyright Kelly Clarkson
Image caption Megan Clarkson was dealt with for a series of typical health problems prior to her cancer was acknowledged

A mom who lost her two-year-old child to an uncommon cancer is cautioning moms and dads to keep battling if they feel their issues are not taken seriously.

Kelly Clarkson stated she needs to cope with the regret for the rest of her life that she did not press more difficult for Megan.

The kid was seen by 6 medical professionals and 5 nurses over a 28-month duration prior to her lung cancer was identified.

She was informed “some kids simply cough” after consistently going back to her GP. Megan passed away less than 4 weeks later on.

Mrs Clarkson, from Kirkcaldy, thinks there requires to be a culture modification where the most typical disease need to not be presumed and more major problems ought to be thought about.

She believes a mom or dad’s impulse must not be neglected.

Image copyright Kelly Clarkson
Image caption Megan was identified with an uncommon cancer

Megan established a consistent cough after beginning nursery aged 6 months. Kelly took her to the GP in November 2016 after it stopped working to enhance and she had actually slimmed down through being ill.

For 4 months she was consistently informed it was an upper breathing system infection which “some kids cough”.

Mrs Clarkson stopped returning to the GP and dealt with Megan in the house, feeling that continuously going back to the medical professional made her seem like a problem.

‘Never stopped coughing’

She informed the BBC Scotland news site: “I feel when she was not well at 10 months old I stopped taking her to the GP due to the fact that I could not keep stating ‘she coughs’.

“Me and my other half attempted whatever – she coughed more when she had orange juice, so we didn’t offer her orange juice.

“We attempted an antihistamine in the evening due to the fact that perhaps she had hayfever.

“I cleaned her space like a devil to ensure it wasn’t that.

“I made certain the vents of her window were constantly open so she had sufficient air.

“I simply didn’t feel it was anything that the physician would think about a problem, since she recuperated from each episode enough to believe she was much better. She never ever stopped coughing.”

Image copyright Kelly Clarkson
Image caption Kelly Clarkson and her child Megan

By November 2018, Megan was suffering discomfort under her arm and bruising.

After Mrs Clarkson informed a nurse professional Megan was experiencing a chesty cough and was choking throughout the night, she was offered prescription antibiotics she could not swallow.

After that she was recommended inhalers and her mum was informed it might be asthma.

In December 2018, Megan was required to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh where Mrs Clarkson states she needed to “get nasty” and demand seeing a medical professional and not a nurse specialist.

After an X-Ray, Megan was identified with type 3 Pleuropulmonary Blastoma – an aggressive and unusual lung cancer discovered in kids. She was seriously ill.

Two-year-old Megan required surgical treatment to get rid of a tumour.

‘A concern’

Megan entered into theatre on New Year’s Day and had her entire right lung eliminated. She suffered a substantial bleed and a heart arrest.

Mrs Clarkson stated: “It was excessive. She passed away after the operation on 2 January – it was simply excessive for her wee body.”

Despite the catastrophe, Mrs Clarkson declines to blame anybody.

Image copyright Kelly Clarkson
Image caption Megan’s cough never ever disappeared

She stated: “No-one has actually done Megan any damage on function and I do not blame anybody.

“But I believe there is something incorrect in the system that requires evaluated.

“When I returned to the physician once again and once again as a moms and dad stating it was becoming worse, I seemed like I was being a problem.

“I will hang onto those memories of how I was made to feel permanently. And I do not desire any other moms and dad to seem like that.”

Mrs Clarkson thinks that if Megan’s cancer had actually been found when she had actually very first provided at 10 months old, she would have had a 90% possibility of survival. On medical diagnosis, her chances were lowered to 37%.

She stated; “I might accept that if we had actually done something then. She was a 10-month-old child losing weight. And I believe why wasn’t anything done?”

‘Irrational regret’

Now, she wishes to project for modification, so that moms and dads will feel supported if they go back to the physician with a real issue.

She desires a modification in mindset, where the unusual and the severe is not marked down at the start.

Mrs Clarkson stated: “You are entrusted stories of moms needing to stage a sit-in up until they get an X-ray.

“And I am entrusted that regret for the rest of my life. It’s an illogical regret, however I will bring it permanently that I didn’t press more difficult for Megan.

“In a system where I should not need to press. Megan must have been pulled through that system, since she was not well.”

NHS Fife medical director Dr Frances Elliot stated: “The death of any kid is a catastrophe and our acknowledgements and ideas are with the household at this extremely challenging time.

“NHS Fife has actually not gotten any direct interaction from the household, nevertheless we would extend a deal to meet the household to go over the issues they have actually raised.”

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