Insane Clown Posse hosted the edgiest event of SXSW

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The whoop-whoops began early.

Fans obstructed the parking area of Come and Take It Live, a modest metal location situated numerous miles from downtown Austin, where the music part of SXSW remained in full speed. These individuals had their own concept of celebrations: a thrice-in-a-lifetime acoustic program by the most disliked band worldwide– the Insane Clown Posse.

My desired platinum badge did me no excellent here. I had to cough up my $25 simply like everyone else if I desired to see Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in the flesh. As the bouncer patted me down, he asked me to clear my coat pocket and stated, “I will not stick my hand in there in case there’s a needle therein.”

ICP billed its third-ever acoustic program as a SXSW occasion, however similar to every other aspect of its profession, this gig existed on the fringes of pop culture (and society at big). This program was strange even by its requirements: Instead of blasting the audience with the normal 200 gallons of Faygo, the Detroit horrorcore trendsetters beinged in wheelchairs, worn bloody jail scrubs, and regaled fans with the stories behind their most precious tunes. They likewise spoke about buttholes– yours, mine, theirs, everybody’s.

Bryan Rolli

It appears incredible today, however 20 years back, ICP scored 2 successive platinum albums with The Great Milenko and The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, the latter of which reached No. 4 on the Billboard 200. All this regardless of composing tunes about beheading hillbillies and informing conservative suburbanites to go fuck themselves. That sort of debate stimulates long-lasting fealty, even if time has actually watered down the group’s crass shock-rap shenanigans. ICP will never ever be larger than 500-person clubs once again, however it will never ever be smaller sized, either.

Over the years, ICP has actually commissioned roughly 7 billion various T-shirts emblazoned with its signature “hatchetman” logo design. Audience members sported a range of those t-shirts from all various stages of the band’s profession, which they enjoyed.

“Who offers a fuck when you began listening to ICP as long as you began listening to this shit?” J exhorted. “We’re all fuckin’! They do not provide a fuck who’s who, they feel in one’s bones we’re Juggalos. That’s why it’s the shit to be us!”

The “they” in J’s pronouncement was most likely the FBI, which in 2011 identified the Juggalos a “loosely arranged hybrid gang,” offering haters a lot more of a factor to evaluate the band and its fans. (ICP taken legal action against the FBI for discrimination, however the case was dismissed.) It appears reasonable to presume most of the civilized world will constantly dislike the 2 face-painting, shit-talking goons from Detroit who began a transformation.

But here’s the cold, difficult reality: By playing a sit-down, cash-only acoustic program and offering physical CDs at the merch table throughout among the most progressive, tech-savvy celebrations of the year, the Insane Clown Posse really tossed the most countercultural music occasion of SXSW. All were welcome at this carnival, that made for an outstanding middle finger to the shiny, hyper-exclusive media circle jerk occurring simply throughout the highway.

But make no error: I never ever wish to hear “Chicken Huntin'”– acoustic or otherwise– in the flesh once again.

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