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Wendy Williams, how you doin’?

The outspoken TV personality has never shied away from speaking on the personal lives of the rich and famous or giving us the real, unedited tea on her syndicated talk show.

But the 54-year-old has become the center of attention herself in 2019, as health and personal struggles continue to pile up in a way the public simply cannot ignore.

Though she seems to be doing a bit better now, albeit with some hiccups, 2019 has truly been a horrendous year to her. With all the headlines and reports that came out, we’re sure it was hard to keep up with.

So, because Wendy is constantly fascinating us, here is our definitive breakdown of all the Wendy Williams drama (below):

Wendy Williams’s Personal Life Starts Making Headlines

September 26, 2017 – News of Kevin Hunter’s Alleged Affair Makes Headlines

Well before 2019 came knocking, there was 2017. 

In September 2017, the Daily Mail published photos of Williams’ TV producer husband, Kevin Hunter, hanging out with a woman named Sharina Hudson in New Jersey. In the shocking report, the U.K. newspaper claimed that Hunter purchased a home for the massage therapist just nine miles down the road from the house he shares with Williams. The article further alleged that Hunter and Hudson had been a romantic item for more than 10 years.

The next morning, Williams directly addressed the explosive claims on The Wendy Williams Show, where she told her studio audience not to “believe the hype.”

Vowing to stand by her partner of over 20 years, she brushed off paparazzi reports that claimed things were not well in Hunterville.

“Don’t believe the hype. And if there was hype, believe me, I would let you know. And by the way, I’ll be following this story. So I guess I’ll have to watch to find out what happens.”

Though Hunter’s reported tryst was certainly a hot, pressing topic, it actually wasn’t the first he stepped out on his wife.

Nearly a decade prior, Wendy revealed that Kevin had been unfaithful to her with another woman in her memoir titled, Wendy’s Got The Heat. She described the moment she realized her husband had been cheating, while eavesdropping on one of his private conversations.

“In those forty-five seconds my woman’s intuition kicked in and I knew he was on the phone with a lover. No woman deserves this. I wanted to kill him. I mean really kill him. For real. I wanted to kill him more because I was in the process of breaking my Number One Rule: No Cheating.”

Considering that bit of information, it sounds like the couple’s marital issues have been a source of contention for a while and has come full circle once more…

WATCH her explain how they worked through it the first time around, in an old interview with Vlad TV (below):

Wendy Williams Struggles To Maintain Her Physical Health

October 31, 2017 – Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV


Months later, viewers were shocked when The Wendy Williams Show  host fainted on live TV, just minutes after her popular ‘How You Doin?’ special began on Halloween. Williams was dressed in a Statue Of Liberty costume she claimed was too tight, one that caused her to overheat. She looked visibly uneasy and scared while trying to read off the teleprompter, before ultimately collapsing.

The broadcast immediately cut to black, followed by a nearly six-minute long commercial break while emergency services worked on Wendy. Luckily, the host was able to finish the rest of her show after receiving medical attention for the scary spill.

In a later statement issued to Us Weekly, Wendy’s publicist confirmed the star was “dehydrated” and planned to shake off the scary incident with a good night’s rest.

Unfortunately, this was one of many more health scares to come.

February 21, 2018 – Wendy’s Health Issues Begin To Take Over: A Flu Scare, Graves’ Disease, & More


In February 2018, three months after fainting on live television due to dehydration, the former radio host announced she’d be taking three days off from her syndicated talk show to address flu-like symptoms. She shared the news with her followers on Instagram, stating that her condition isn’t as bad as it looked.

Considering the mimosas in hand and seemingly calm demeanor, we were inclined to believe her!

Wendy returned to work on Monday after her sick day. But by that Wednesday, she made a second announcement — this time, live on air — that she was taking three consecutive weeks off from the Wendy Williams Show due to issues with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. Troubling symptoms of the autoimmune thyroid disease, including irritability and trouble sleeping, promoted doctor’s orders of mandatory bed rest for Wendy.

Before she decided to take a hiatus, Wendy admitted her health was “pretty bad,” but she initially thought it was because of menopause:

“With the menopause I wasn’t pointing a finger to any particular thing. I was just feeling like, ‘All right, well I’m 53 and this is I guess how it’s supposed to be.’ Even in October when I passed out on Halloween, that particular day when the EMTs got there I had high blood pressure, which I never have high blood pressure.”

But after neglecting a routine endocrinology appointment, and then later fainting on live TV, she knew it was time to cut back on work and put her health first:

“My blood pressure is always either perfect or low. It’s never high. But it was high and the lack of sodium so they were filling me with electrolytes, just fill, fill, fill, fill. I can’t believe that I got up after the commercial break and closed out the show. I love doing the show, but I love me more. So I’m going to take care of me, so I can be there for them.”

July, 19, 2018 – Wendy’s Cocaine Confession…


A true moment of transparency!

In a candid interview with ET, the daytime queen opened up about her battle with a cocaine addiction she developed during her days in radio. She admitted that everyone around her, from friends and family to industry coworkers knew she a “functioning addict” at the height of her coke days.

“I report to work on time, and I’d walk in and all my co-workers, including my bosses, would know but since I would have my headphones on and walk in the studio and [they] wouldn’t fire me because I was making ratings.”

WW used the honest moment to announce a new partnership with The Hunter Foundation to launch the “Be Here” campaign, designed to prevent other people from making the same mistakes as she did.

December 19, 2018 – Wendy Reveals She Suffered A Shoulder Fracture


In mid-December 2018, Wendy Williams had revealed she suffered a “hair fracture” on her right shoulder. She hid an arm sling under her clothes while announcing the news to viewers, saying:

“I don’t need an operation, and I’m not wearing a hard cast. … The show will go on!”

But friends and fans of the outspoken host were convinced there was something much more serious going on.

Multiple reports began to circulate, with several insiders asserting Wendy had been acting strange “for weeks” before the accident even happened. The sources described how their leading lady could “barely stand at times” and had “completely checked out” of her duties on the show.

The daytime tv queen attempted to silence her critics, by reminding her viewers everywhere that it’s her right to remain seated through the show if she feels like it. But it’s safe to say what happened next proved it was certainly time for things to change.

Wendy Williams Takes A Step Back From Her Show To Get Help

December 21, 2019 – Fans Voice Their Concerns After Wendy Is Caught Slurring Words On Her Show 

Fans expressed concern on social media after Williams slurred her words during a December 2018 episode of her show.

Following the flood of worry, the 54-year-old took to Instagram to blame the “less than stellar show” on the pain meds she was taking for her fractured shoulder. She wrote:

“I’m on your TV screens every day wanting to spread laughter, entertainment and cheer. As I reported earlier in the week, I have a hairline fracture on my upper arm, which hurts like hell. I’ve never broken a bone or experienced a fracture in my life. In the key place where the fracture is, and trying to scurry around and do too much, I am now paying the price.”

Wendy explained she was fighting through the effects of pain medication, one she had never taken before, while trying to put on a good show:

“I did that to power through and try to deliver a great show for you, against the better judgement of the many people around me who genuinely care for my well-being. I really do ride or die for my craft and give 200 [percent].”

The TV personality also attributed her lack of energy to her ongoing battle with Graves’ disease. And although she didn’t outright mention it, we have to assume the rumors of her husband’s alleged infidelity must have put an added strain on her, too.

January 18, 2019 – Wendy Takes An Extended Break From Her Talk Show


Wendy Williams announced she’d be taking yet another extended hiatus from her syndicated talk show to focus on getting back to her normal self.

The star enlisted a few of her celebrity friends to step in and host the show in her place. Wild N’ Out game show host Nick Cannon made himself comfortable in the infamous purple chair as guest host from February 4-6. KeKe Palmer, Sheri Shepherd, Jason Biggs, and Michael Rapaport filled out the lineup of temporary fill-ins for the rest of the month. 

But the star-studded list of replacements did nothing to silence concerns from the show’s cast and crew, who reportedly believed their boss wasn’t really sick — but secretly trying to deal with her own personal issues with her husband.

One staff member dished to Daily Mail:

“Many of us have been here since the early days and it’s a complete joke to be kept in the dark like this. How could she be so selfish? We all rely on this paycheck.

I mean please, she has made a fortune from tearing people down, however, when it comes to her own life, it’s all a secret. Imagine if this was another celebrity living their life like she does, she’d be sipping the tea and talking about it on Hot Topics every damn day. She’s such a hypocrite.”

March 4, 2019 – Wendy Returns To TV As The Public Demands Answers About Her Personal Life


Wendy received a standing ovation when she finally returned to her show on March 4, after a nearly three-month long hiatus. While fans were ecstatic to see the show’s leading lady healthy and back on stage, they also wanted some answers.

It became harder and harder for the TV personality to ignore the rumors running rampant about her relationship, while openly demanding answers from celebrities about their private lives on her show.

She addressed the extended, off-air break first, saying:

“We were supposed to only be off for two weeks for Christmas vacation… I started to feel thyroid issues. They’re still adjusting my meds. I’m the kind of patient, if I cough, I’m thinking, I’m dying … I can’t even tell you how many doctors I have. They pushed me in there, I get the MRIs and then I get the CAT scans… You know, I’m 54, and not for nothing even though you feel 25, honey you know.”

And later, with her wedding ring still on front and center, Wendy finally addressed her own personal drama (below):

“I want to shout-out to my husband. I’m still wearing my ring. Believe me you, when you’ve been with somebody for 28 years, married for 25 years… we know each other. He’s my best friend, he’s my lover… I know what you’ve been seeing, but hunty, let me show you who I fell in love with and who he fell in love with. I’m still very much in love with my husband and anyone who’s been married… you know. Marriages have ebbs and flows, marriage isn’t easy. And don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone. And it ain’t going anywhere, not in this lifetime.”

March 19, 2019 – Wendy Details New Temporary Living Situation At A Sober House


Shortly after defending her husband and explaining her extended absence, Wendy made a shocking admission that seemed to directly contradict her previous sentiments about working things out with Kevin.

On March 19, Wendy shared that she had been living in a sober house, without her husband, “for some time now, and even today and beyond.”

She told her studio audience:

“When you see me come to work, glammed up, right after the show I go across the street, I do my Pilates. I told you, two hours a day or like to take care of my body. And you know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in my past. And I never went to a place to get the treatment. I don’t know how, except God was sitting on my shoulder and I just stopped.”

Williams candidly outlined what a day in the life was like during her stint at the house, saying:

“After I go to the Pilates, I go to several meetings all around town in the Tri-state area. And I see my brothers and sisters caught up in their addiction and looking for help. They don’t know I’m Wendy. They don’t care I’m Wendy. There’s no autographs, there is no nothing. It’s the brothers and sisters caught up in the struggle. It’s been really interesting. This ride.”

March 25, 2019 – Kevin Hunter Allegedly Welcomes A Baby With Mistress Sharina Hudson 

When the news broke that Kevin hunter’s alleged mistress had welcomed a baby, it was truly the last straw for Wendy and Kevin’s already strained relationship.

The star was reportedly hospitalized after her team found her blacked out drunk — a relapse that was apparently triggered by the baby news.

See the thing is, while Wendy was struggling to maintain her sobriety, her estranged, producer-husband was reportedly living the high life in a secret getaway in New Jersey — with Sharina and their new kid.

To make matters worse, Kevin Sr. was reportedly spotted taking Hudson out to lavish dinners and allegedly gifted her a an expensive Rolls Royce convertible, a $215,000 Ferrari Portofino, a Chanel purse worth $5,200, and an assortment of diamond necklaces and earrings — all while his wife was trying to get a handle on her addiction. Alone.

It seems that Kevin’s behavior AFTER his wife knew the truth about his double life is what really sealed the deal here. It’s one thing to cheat on someone, but to publicly spoil your side chick in front of your wife is just completely absurd and made her realize what she needed to do. About time, too!

April 8, 2019 – Wendy Defends Her Behavior After Spotted Looking ‘Frail’ On A Scooter


People were definitely scratching their heads after a tabloid photo showing our girl Wendy looking a bit worse for wear started making the rounds, amid reports of ongoing marital problems with Hunter.

Still reeling with the reality of her failed marriage while also making strides towards living a fully sober lifestyle, the host defended the “frail” scooter photo, saying:

“There’s such a stigma to substance abuse. Everyone thinks it’s going to be the bum on the corner or whatnot. And you, if you’re watching, if it’s you… I’m the face of it. How about you? Sometimes you just need to go someplace and get at one with your sobriety and your 12 steps.”

She went on to explain that she and her sober housemates decided to go camping in upstate New York, and the paps happened to catch her at a local store prepping for what she called an uncomfortable, rustic experience.

“This became a blog sensation over the weekend, so I’m here to correct. One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and having your own show is that I can come and dispel my own rumors.”

Her reasoning came off as more of a non-answer, if we’re being completely honest here. But we guess this Hot Topic has the final say in what she’s willing to share! Unlike the subjects of her show, but we digress…

Wendy Williams Is Moving On

April 11, 2019 – Finally, An Official Divorce Filing For The Hunters


On April 11, 2019, Wendy officially filed for divorce from her husband after 21 years of marriage. Sources close to the TV host confirmed to The Blast the decision had been made after Kevin finally decided to confess to all of his wrongdoings to his wife — including (allegedly) cheating with his mistress Sharina Hudson. Unfortunately for Kevin, the separation from Wendy extended past their marital vows. According to Page Six, Bernie Young was immediately hired to replace Kevin as Wendy’s new manager and executive producer.

Less than a week later, Kevin emerged from his proverbial dog house to share a statement about the split. He told E! News:

“28 years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams. At the time, I didn’t realize that she would not only become my wife, but would also change the face of entertainment and the world. I have dedicated most of our lives to the business empire that is Wendy Williams Hunter, a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally.”

He also accepted full responsibility for his (major) part in it all, adding:

“I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.”

On the flip side, reports from behind-the-scenes at the WW show began to emerge, claiming the 54-year-old was “in an amazing mood” and had “a renewed pep in her step” after pulling the trigger on her failed marriage. Way to go, girl. That is quite a turnaround!

May 22, 2019 – Wendy’s Divorce Gets Messy As The Hunter Family Dynamics Begin To Change


As with most high-profile separations, the process of figuring out what happens next is rarely ever an easy task.  Shortly after the divorce filing, Hunter filed a separate request for spousal and child support. As you know, the couple shares a 19-year-old son named Kevin Hunter Jr.

In official legal court documents, the disgraced producer said he wanted his soon-to-be ex-wife to directly pay for their teen’s college expenses. Additionally, he stands to receive a multi-million dollar payout for his time served as producer of The Wendy Williams Show.

The man seems to be more focused on getting paid than repairing the relationships he damaged…

Speaking of damaged bonds, Kevin Hunter Jr. and Sr. reportedly got into explosive fight about the pending divorce, which resulted in the police being called after the college-bound teen allegedly punched his father in the face. At one point, it’s said Hunter Sr. put his son in a headlock. Kevin Jr. was arrested, but later released from police custody as no official charges were filed.

Sigh. The drama…

According to sources close to the family who spoke to TMZ about the matter at hand, Kevin Sr. has apparently been trying to reconcile his relationship with the couple’s only son, only to be “getting iced out” by the younger man as the breakup fallout continues. Per reports, dear old dad thinks Wendy is pulling the strings behind the scenes, and influencing their son’s perception of him.

The TV personality recently shared that she believes they will patch things up, but that remains to be seen.

June 11, 2019 – MOVING ON & DATING AGAIN


Just a month after filing for divorce from Hunter, the Wendy Williams Show host shared on her show that she’s back on the market and dating again! The 54-year-old referred to herself as “a single woman running around New York” who’s “rediscovering” her love of men and dates very often. Well okay then, Wendy! Cheers to moving on from a stressful marriage and living your best life!

Most recently, she teased a new fling with a hot, younger man named Marc Tomblin on her Instagram feed.

Wendy is all boo’ed up! / (c) Wendy Williams/Instagram

Sources tell TMZ that Wendy met the guy in El Lay while hanging with celeb gal pal Blac Chyna. Tomblin is 27-year-old financial investor and blogger with a criminal past; he was convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon and breaking and entering in 2013, per Bossip.

Members of Wendy’s inner circle say the couple is just having fun. The host reportedly enjoys having him around while she navigates this next chapter of her life.The outlet also poke to those supposedly in the know about Tomblin, and his new relationship with the TV talk show queen, and those sources are adamant that he “hasn’t asked Williams for a dime.”

Who knows if it’ll last, but it’s clear the woman is keeping her heart and her options open!



The latest report to come out of the TV host’s camp is a bleak one, unfortunately.

A source cryptically shared new details about Wendy’s current, troubling status with Us Weekly, saying:

“Wendy is not in a good place. Friends close to her are worried she’s spiraling out of control.”

If the source is to be believed, it sounds like Williams’ demons have returned during a particularly rough moment in her life.

We just hope, if this is true, that she gets the help she needs, and continues to lean on her personal and professional support system as she strives for sobriety. We believe in you, Wendy! You got this.

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