Keanu Reeves’ Photographs In GQ Are One Big Thirst Trap For Twitter

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Keanu Reeves has actually been doing slow-motion backbends into our hearts because the ’ 90s, so you can think of the large pleasure he gave social networks when images from a brand-new GQ image shoot emerged.

Accompanying a piece entitled “ The Legend of Keanu Reeves” that speaks about the star’ s 3rd “ John Wick ” movie, reclusive habits, and mystical personality is a series of spectacular black-and-white pictures of Reeves by Daniel Jackson.

Also noteworthy, the piece suggests that Reeves had a cold similar to Frank Sinatra as soon as did which his cough sounded “ like someone punching their escape of a paper grocery bag. ” Even Reeves ’ diseases are badass.

The images had fans fanning themselves over Reeves ’ irregular beard, long hair, and angular cheekbones; it ’ s mind-blowing to think that the “ Speed ” star is 54 when he looks just a little older than he did years back.

If you too wish to get on the thirst-trap bandwagon and praise at the altar of Reeves, please delight in these randy tweets:



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