Trump administration may seek more money from US allies hosting military forces

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(CNN)The Trump administration has actually been internally talking about how to get nations that host United States soldiers in times of peace to pay more of the expense of keeping those soldiers stationed there.

Bloomberg was the very first to report on the conversations.
A main pillar of the Trump administration’s diplomacy has actually been concern sharing, which has actually indicated motivating allies to pay a higher share of financial investment in cumulative defense. The administration views this policy as a fairer method than permitting the concern to weigh so greatly on the United States federal government’s shoulders, according to United States authorities knowledgeable about the concept.

    In current weeks, the United States and South Korea reached an arrangement on the expense of keeping almost 30,000 soldiers in South Korea. The offer, called the “Korea-US Special Measures Agreement,” was signed today and led to the South Koreans paying the United States more than $900 million for the next year, a boost of about 8% from what they had actually been paying.
    Those US-South Korea settlements, nevertheless, were exhausting due to Trump’s needs that the South Koreans pay more than in the past.
        The mediators missed out on the due date and eventually, when they concerned a contract, it disappointed the objective that Trump had actually set out by numerous millions. That backward and forward shows the difficulty of getting nations to spend more cash. In many cases, a “expense plus 50” design would total up to more than 5 times what some nations are presently paying. It might likewise let loose discussions about whether those nations truly desire the United States soldiers in their nation at all.
        Diplomats who have actually heard the concept through report have actually been shocked, however not shocked. A European diplomat explained the concept as a “huge offer” and called it politically “amazing” as it would even more wear down the Trump administration’s relations with United States allies.

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