Kanye West Starts KUWTK Drama With Corey Gamble – But Khlo Finishes It! – Perez Hilton

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Do the Kardashians dislike Kris Jenner s long time sweetheart Corey Gamble ??

We need to be sincere, this is not the drama we anticipated to get this season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians * cough * JordynWoods * cough * however we are here for it.

So what taken place?

It all began when Kanye West tossed down the onslaught at Gamble over text.

Kim Kardashian West described in a konfessional:

“Kanye texts Corey something along the lines of, Look, we put on’ t understand you, we ’ ve never ever satisfied any of your relative.’ “

Whoa, that ran out no place! Or was it.? Kim continued:

“Of course we’ ve all believed and felt that method that, however for Kanye to so candidly state that to him I seem like that was the incorrect option to make at that time.”

They’ve all felt that method?? Are the Kardashians simply silently enduring Kris Jenner’s guy??

Apparently so. Well, perhaps not any longer?

The Momager has actually been dating the 38-year-old considering that method back in November 2014. They’ve had their downs and ups, however after almost 5 years he’s ended up being a component on KUWTK. Like a light you no longer notification.

But Yeezy certainly identified something he didn’t like. What that was we undoubtedly can’t state for sure


Kourtney Kardashian safeguarded Kanye’s intents in assaulting Corey stating it was more protective than anything else:

“He is really paternal. He attempts to look after all us.”


It was Khlo Kardashian , the other protective member of the fam, who confessed she likewise is odd about her mommy’s BF(who is simply 4 years her senior, BTW ):

“Kanye ’ s shipment wasn ’ t excellent, however the essence of what he stated holds true. Corey does tend to be quite deceptive which does have me quite secured We wear ’ t understand Corey like that.”

How long has she seemed like that? Essentially the entire time which is a lot longer than she believed:

“After my mama got her divorce, I resembled, ‘ Okay, this most likely isn ’ t going to last.’I simply didn

’ t feel the requirement to get that linked or connected. When I saw time advancing and the relationship was still there, we attempted to get to understand him, however he has actually not been responsive in this entire thing.”

How did Kris respond to all this??

“I simply want I understood why [Kanye] needs to bring bad energy into the field at 6 o ’ clock

in the early morning. I would never ever disrespect someone and state that.”

The drama capped when Kris welcomed Khlo and her bestie Malika Haqq to Palm Springs

and the women ‘weekend ended up being a double date with Corey.

Totally uncomfortable.


Khlo kept peaceful then left early, which was excessive for Kris. She described:

” I believe it ’ s truly unreasonable to direct this mindset towards Corey. Her habits is simply uncalled for It ’ s actually essential for Khlo to comprehend that she truly requires to get on my bandwagon due to the fact that Corey belongs of the household, he isn ’ t going anywhere and she requires to be great.”

So Kris sat her child down for an unscripted household treatment session.


She completely utilized” I”declarations and whatever, stating:

” Nobody truly decreases enough to have a look at it from a bird ’ s eye view of my life. I desire you to acknowledge that when you do question my relationship with Corey, it isn ’ t fine and it harms sensations. I believe what you men wear ’ t understand is Corey is actually looking after me like nobody ever has in my whole life.”


Khlo gave up instantly, yielding:

“I desire you to be pleased. And I put on ’ t care who you &

rsquo; re with as long as they ’ re great to you You need to life your life for you and enjoy and if you are, that ’ s fantastic. I support you and I desire you to seem like we’ re pleased for you, since we are.”

So Kim, Khlo, and Corey all took a seat for peace talks.

Corey, who can in fact speak as it ends up, informed the

ladies he simply wished to be on the”peace train.”

The sis concurred, with Khlo stating:

“We simply hope that you’re comfy. We ’ re delighted you make our mama pleased. We simply wish to move on and remain in a great location.”

And with that,

the drama was satiated.

For now

See all the episode highlights (listed below)!

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