Maybe millennials would be chiller if they got genocided, argues WaPost column

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“I do not understand who requires to hear this, however do not strike release on that millennial hot take,” host of NPR’s It’s Been A Minute Sam Sanders tweeted in May.

Washington Post writer Marc Thiessen plainly didn’t check out that tweet. He ought to have.

, you must undergo racist and dislike speech every-damn-where, otherwise,you’re a sniveling child. Thiessen needs to be a genuine hoot at celebrations.

Party visitor: “Does this include peanuts? Due to the fact that I’m deathly allergic.”

Thiessen:”Did you evade Nazi sniper fire to renew soldiers on the battleground? Shut up and consume the fragile, Taylor!”

Something about being lectured about how they can’t grumble ’cause they didn’t experience WWII by a Generation Xer didn’t sit ideal with Twitter.”Wow this person looks young for a ww2 veterinarian,”was one especially prominent point . Another :”He was born in 1967, so I’m thinking he’s never ever needed to do any that either.”

” today ' s youths require to unnecessarily suffer and pass away more”a viewpoint piece

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