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We like stars who do not act phony on social networks, so naturally Kelly Ripa is among our favorites. When not openly thirsting over her spouse, she can be seen trolling the sh * t out of her kids, which we constantly value. Like, sure your kids are the light of your life and whatever, however what enjoyable is being a moms and dad if you can’t rag on your kids a little? I began remembering of Kelly’s trolling on Father’ s Day, when Lola obviously strolled in on her moms and dads making love and most likely wished to claw her own eyes out. Now, I understand you’ re believing that’ s bad, however not “ time to lastly get and submit the documents emancipated from these lunatics ” bad, generally due to the fact that it was a mishap. Not just did Lola stroll in on her moms and dads having sex, they then stated the story to their 5 million closest buddies on Live! the next day. MOMMY!! While Kelly and Mark did appear a little ashamed that this taken place (AGAIN?!!!), I can’ t aid however believe they went backstage throughout a business break and did their finest Dr. Evil laugh.

And that’ s when I understood that Kelly Ripa lives to torture her kids. I indicate, obviously, she enjoys them, I’ m sure she purchased them each a Bentley for their 16th birthdays yada, yada, yada, however I likewise believe she likes trolling them. I’ m specific my moms and dads had kids entirely to mulch the yard, and I’ m specific that Kelly Ripa had kids (specifically Lola) so she might adoringly make their lives an ordeal, and I’ m here for it. I can ’ t wait to do the very same to my own child one day! I ’ m bearing in mind. Here are all the very best times Kelly Ripa has actually trolled her kids.

Like the majority of teenage women, Lola is specific about which images she’ ll enable her mom to post of her on Instagram. This makes total sense due to the fact that Kelly has more than 2 million fans, half of which I’ m sure are all set to call a teen lady a washed-up street pet dog or something similarly repellent. The web is the very best location!!!! Kelly appreciates Lola’ s demand and offers her picture approval, however likewise roasts her for it, as any great moms and dad would. When wanting Lola a pleased 17th birthday, Kelly declared she couldn’ t get any picture approval so simply published a photo of Lola when she was still in the womb.

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