This Army veteran is helping to take the fight to lung cancer

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(CNN)An Army battle veteran who is dealing with the battle of her life has actually signed up with forces with a previous NFL gamer to raise awareness in the fight versus lung cancer.

One year ago this month Downs was on the getting end of an individual bombshell when she was detected with a kind of lung cancer.
  • 1 in 16 Americans will be detected with lung cancer in their life time.
  • One individual is identified with lung cancer every 2.3 minutes.
  • More than 228,000 will be detected with lung cancer this year.
  • 60% to 65% of all brand-new lung cancer medical diagnoses are amongst individuals who have actually never ever smoked or are previous cigarette smokers.

Source: Lungevity Foundation

“I had absolutely no idea I had lung cancer. I had a little dry cough that would not disappear. It irritated my other half more than it did me,” Downs stated.

    “I believe the preconception is that it’s a way of life illness, a cigarette smoker’s illness,” stated Downs.

    Lung Cancer Awareness Month

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month — and in an effort to challenge prejudgments about lung cancer and get more financing for research study, Downs has actually partnered with the Chris Draft Family Foundation for Lung Cancer Survivors to promote the group’s 2020 Super Bowl Challenge .
    Draft is a previous NFL gamer who lost his 37-year-old spouse, Lakeasha, to lung cancer in 2011. Like Downs, she was a healthy, non-smoker who was struck with the illness in the prime of her life.
    In in between her immunotherapy treatments and radiation, Downs deals with Draft’s structure and the Department of Veterans Affairs on behalf of her siblings and sis in uniform.
    “There is an out of proportion variety of veterans being affected with lung cancer,” stated Downs.
    Lung cancer eliminates more individuals than colon, prostate, and breast cancer integrated , according to the Lungevity Foundation, a nationwide, lung-cancer-focused not-for-profit.

    Super Bowl Challenge

    The 2020 Super Bowl Challenge goes through December 31.
    The fundraising effort “provides lung cancer survivors the chance to raise funds for public awareness and advanced research study that is providing brand-new want to those fighting this frequently misinterpreted illness,” according to the Chris Draft Family Foundation’s site.
    Lung cancer survivors who raise the most cash get to go to numerous NFL occasions, which offer a nationwide phase for lung cancer awareness. The leading fundraising event will likewise go to the Super Bowl.
    On this Veterans Day, Downs states her fight with cancer isn’t being combated alone.
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