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There are lots of a concern that keep me up in the evening (and by “ up during the night ” I indicate up until my self-designated bedtime of 11pm). For one, why won’ t Dick Wolf provide us a minimum of one episode of Law &&Order: SVU that includes a shirtless Carisi? I’ ve just been strongly tweeting this idea at him for the last 6 seasons. Or, like, will I pass away alone? Of course, there’ s likewise why the hell is everybody so consumed with Selena Gomez?

Lately it seems like I can’ t go one day without checking out a heading about Selena Gomez. Whether it’ s to psychoanalyze in minute information each and every line of her brand-new music or to report on the more compelling things in her life, like her Instagram remarks , the lady is f * cking all over. Her popularity feels intense, nearly wild, and on the exact same scale as mega celebs like Beyonc and Jennifer Aniston. Often I seem like simply saying the words “ Selena Gomez ” on the web sends out individuals into a blood craze of speculation and chatter. The fixation with her is next level and her fans are beyond devoted. Case in point: she’ s among the world’s most followed individuals on Instagram , in spite of the truth that she hasn ’ t launched a brand-new album because 2015 and she ’ s not scared to go dark on socialmedia every couple of months.

The rabidness of her fan base feels a bit baseless. Now, wear ’ t get it twisted, I are among these wild fans. I ’ ve been a substantial fan of Selena ’ s since she was on Wizards of Waverly Place (RIP)and, rather honestly, brought the whole goddamn program. I still, to this day, set about vocally voicing at celebrations that if I might change lives with anybody it would be Selena Gomez. And I state that with a straight face and whatever!! But even I ’ m puzzled by her popularity. I suggest, what is she actually well-known for? Yeah, she openly constructs with Justin Bieber as soon as every 4 years, however that ’ s about for how long it takes her to put out a brand-new single too. I was under the impression that her fan base included me and any other individual born in the 90s who got method too ecstatic about Disney+. How does she remain so pertinent? She’s erratic at finest with launching brand-new music, is available in and out of the general public eye, and her last acting gig happened when side bangs and chunky belts were still in design. To put things into viewpoint, Brenda Song has the specific very same resume, and you do not see individuals drooling at the mouth to release a story on who she ’ s feuding with on IG.

So what is it that makes her so goddamn popular? Sweetest Betch You ’ ll Ever Meet and I have actually discussed this problem AT LENGTH over Gchat at work(yes, we wish to get fired, we ’ re pleading for it really). She ’ s of the mind that Selena ’ s wild fan base has a hidden structure of pity developed into it, like how the media constantly composes her as the mistreated lady in the Justin-Hailey Saga (type of like how the media did to Jennifer Aniston about everyone she was ever with). Then once again, these are likewise things Sweetest Betch has actually stated about her colleague ’ s kid whenever she pleads and checks out the workplace for quarters for the vending maker. I get what she ’ s stating, though: individuals like to root for a scorned lady, and nobody has actually been burned more than Selena Gomez. Still, you ’d believe pity can just presume. So, I wish to break down Selena Gomez ’ s appeal one element at a time.

Her Squad

I believe part of Selena’s appeal is the method she flaunts her female relationships. If you take one take a look at her IG, you ’ ll see many pictures of Selena with her buddies– and not simply the well-known ones, either!(Though, for somebody who declares to value her personal privacy, she definitely isn ’ t scared to promote her prominent relationships either * cough * Taylor Swift * cough, cough *). It provides individuals the impression that anybody can be a part of her team. Like, that lady who starred in The Cutting Edge 4: Fire &Ice who offered Selena her extra kidney, or me “> a random fan who keeps flooding her DMs with favorable affirmationsshe discovered on Pinterest.

And the method she showcases these relationships is truthfully skillful. This is a lady who has dumped every good friend she ever made at any time Justin Bieber chooses to relapse into her DMs, and we ’ re to think she ’ s this self-partnered ,woman power, feminist icon? Look, I like Selena, however do I believe she would ditch women night in a heart beat if an ex texted her “ hi ”? You wager your ass I do. Once again, this is what makes her so relatable. Who amongst us hasn ’ t avoided out early throughout a women night out simply to meet a person whose concept of love is splitting the Uber swimming pool? And regardless of her obvious flakiness with relationships, her women still back her up, still welcome her back with open arms after an untidy separation. Seeing that type of commitment in her lady team influences commitment in her fans.

She Leaves You Wanting More

Another part of her attraction is the method she deals with social networks at the most high profile of times. Keep in mind when she broke up with The Weeknd and began openly socializing with Justin Bieber like it was no huge thing? Or that time we discovered she was hospitalized and practically passed away ? Or that time Justin Bieber GOT MARRIED to Hailey Baldwin 2 months after he and Selena separated? Rather of publishing puzzling IG stories about deserving more (I see you, Khlo Kardashian ) or screening Instagram’ s nipple presence policy with thirst traps (I see YOU, Kylie Jenner) she similar to, lived her life. She published regular pictures with good friends at supper or in sweat trousers hanging in your home, or she published absolutely nothing at all. I keep in mind believing when the news broke about Justin and Hailey dating, “where is your womanly rage?” and, “blink as soon as if you require me to key his automobile!!” Instead, she dealt with the scenario by stating absolutely nothing at all. It’s like when somebody leaves you on read– it makes you that a lot more thinking about them.

She Seems Real AF


I believe what actually draws individuals to Selena Gomez more than anything else is that she appears truly down-to-earth. She’ s been open about her battles with psychological health and her body image. She’ s simply as most likely to publish a thirst trap picture as one of her pounding pasta. She’ s not scared to be susceptible to the general public, either. Let’ s not forget that a person time, fresh off of one her breaks up with Justin Bieber, she began sobbing in the middle of her 2014 AMAs efficiency. Weeping in public over an ex (or simply a Ship brother who didn’ t follow me back on IG) is sort of my thing, and I’ m sorry however HOW CAN YOU NOT RELATE TO THAT.

So, there you have it: the attraction of Selena Gomez as best as I can explain it. One day when I’ m discussing this to my grandkids I can indicate these 3 factors as a legitimate reason for following @JelenaGoals well into my 20s. I’ m going to choose that, or I’ m simply going to presume her fan base is consisted of completely of Russian bots. It’ s anybody ’ s think!

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