Dad who weighed 322 pounds sheds half his weight after theme-park incident: ‘That did it for me’

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“ My child Sophie didn ’ t comprehend why we couldn’ t go on the flight since we had actually taken a seat alright. I understood I was huge however when I couldn’ t get the belt over my stomach I believed: ‘ This doesn ’ t take place to individuals every day. Something is not right,'” he remembered.

“ We were informed to leave and Sophie was disturbed since she needed to wait while her bro went on the trip with her mum. There were a couple of tears, ” he included.

Blake Lewis and his other half Laura Lewis prior to he reduced weight. ( SWNS)

Lewis noted he didn’ t experience any “ nastiness ” from anybody else on the trip, however rapidly believed to himself, “ I can ’ t let this occur once again. ”

“ I envisioned otherindividuals in the line were believing, ‘ Oh, dear. ’ I most likely would have believed the exact same, ” he stated. “ That’s when I believed enough sufficed and I required to do something about my size.”

Blake Lewis, 33, after his weight reduction. (SWNS)

Soon after, Lewis put himself on a diet plan. He changed unhealthy food that typically consisted of hamburgers, french fries, and chips with much healthier alternatives such as veggies and lean meats. He declares he lowered his calorie consumption from 5,000 calories to approximately 1,000 each day.

In addition, he started to stroll his workplace, situated approximately a half and a mile far from his house. He likewise established a fitness center in his garage.


Blake Lewis using an old t-shirt from his pre-weight-loss days. (SWNS)

Eighteen months later on, Lewis dropped simply over half of his body weight, going from a 40-inch waist to a 32-inch one.

“I saw myself as addicted to unhealthy food, primarily mouthwatering things like pies, hamburgers, french fries and [chips] I might feast on 3 to 5 thousand calories a day, in some cases more. Now, I’ ve gone cold turkey. I put on’ t get the yearnings any longer, ” hestated. “ It ’ s everything about the will power, being disciplined and eliminating the rubbish.”

Blake Lewis, 33, with his child Sophie Lewis, 5. (SWNS )

Friends would typically ask Lewis how he handled to lose a lot weight. Those who were likewise aiming to alter their practices would ask him for suggestions, he stated.


“ I inform them to do what I did and Google healthy foods and dishes. The secret is meal prepping, ” he stated. “ Every Sunday,I ’d prepare healthier meals and freeze them or put them in the refrigerator. ”

“ Stick at it hard for the very firstcouple of weeks then you ’ ll be motivated when the pounds begin coming off, ” he continued. “ I did it entirely by myself. I ’ ve never ever been much healthier. ”

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