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We require to speak about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Particularly, the upcoming tenth season, and how there may really be drama (for the very first time in a while ). While we do not yet have a best date for the brand-new season, it ought to be back in the very first couple of months of 2020, and some current social networks posts offer some essential hints about what we can anticipate. Particularly, Brandi Glanville freaked out on Denise Richards on Twitter over the weekend, and we’re attempting to get to the bottom of what triggered it.

Back in October, we went over the sources stating that Denise Richards was missing for a great deal of recording due to focusing on other tasks. While there was talk at the time that Denise might be benched to a repeating cast member, that appears not to be the case. We have photographic proof that Denise currently recorded her introduction for the upcoming season, so she’s not going anywhere. With previous homemaker Brandi Glanville back in the image this season, it looks like Denise isn’t going to have a smooth trip.

Though Brandi made a look on RHOBH last season as Denise’s buddy, it appears that their relationship has actually seriously weakened in the last couple of months. Late on Saturday night, Brandi tweeted that she “simply got Denised.'” After my preliminary pleasure at the messiness of this, I began racking my brain about what this might really indicate. Denise has just been on the program for one season, and she didn’t do anything especially untidy, so what is “Denising” somebody?

Okay, so there’s certainly something huge going on in between Brandi and Denise, and there are some reports that get at what may have triggered it. As Brandi shot more scenes for the program in the last month of shooting, reports emerged that she informed an”exceptionally harmful”trick about Denise’s hubby Aaron, which”the info was outrageous and so harmful that Bravo is needing to run whatever through their legal department prior to they can air it. “

This tweet from the start of December definitely recommends that Brandi depended on something:

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You men, I dislike to get my hopes up tooquickly, however RHOBH may really be excellent this year. With Brandi back in the mix, and Rinna apparently back to the messiness of her earlier seasons, it appears like we may lastly get another taste of what made this program so terrific in the very first location. At the minimum, it appears like we will not need to endure 14 episodes of arguments about why Erika didn’t use underclothing that a person time. And for that, I am glad.

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