Microsoft will now pay up to $20K for Xbox Live security exploits

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Think you’ve discovered a glaring security hole in Xbox Live? Microsoft is interested.

The business revealed a brand-new bug bounty program today, focused particularly on its Xbox Live network and services. Depending upon how severe the make use of is and how total your report is, they’re paying up to $20,000.

Like the majority of bug bounty programs, Microsoft is trying to find quite specific/serious security defects here. Discover a method to perform unapproved code on Microsoft’s servers? They’ll spend for that. Keep getting detached from Live when you play as a specific legend in Apex? Not rather the sort of bug they’re trying to find.

Microsoft likewise particularly dismiss a couple of kinds of vulnerabilities as out-of-scope, consisting of DDoS attacks, anything that includes phishing Microsoft workers or Xbox clients, or getting servers to spend fundamental details like server name or internal IP. You can discover the complete breakdown here.

This is by no ways Microsoft’s very first venture into bounty programs; they’ve got comparable programs for the Microsoft Edge internet browser, their “Windows Insider” sneak peek develops, Office 365 and lots of other classifications. The greatest bounties they provide are on their cloud computing service, Azure, where the bounty for an extremely particular bug (acquiring admin access to an Azure Security Lab account, which are carefully managed) can net approximately $300,000.

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