John Mulaney and Jake Gyllenhaals Hilarious Musical Ode to LaGuardia Airport

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God bless John Mulaney .

Thecomedian completed another exceptional turn as Saturday Night Livehost by including another side-splitting musical parody to his growing collection. We had “ Diner Lobster ,” then “ Bodega Bathroom “– and now Mulaney has actually provided us a musical ode to the oft-maligned LaGuardia Airport. The very best part? Jake Gyllenhaal appears to parody Wicked, singing a satire of “Defying Gravity.”

The set-up, as constantly, was basic: Pete Davidson made the doubtful option to purchase sushi while awaiting a flight at LaGuardia Airport. “You’re sure you wan na consume the sushi?” Mulaney’s character asks. Chris Redd, who played Davidson’s good friend, includes, “You’re purchasing sushi at LaGuardia airport? Have you lost your damn mind?!”

Enter Kenan Thompson– playing the Phantom of the Opera.

“In dreams it’s haunting you!” he sings. “That fish you consumed/ The expiration date/ Ends in ‘one,’ ‘8.’/ And still you’re picking it/ As food for airplane/ The Phantom of the Bathroom exists/ It smells outrageous.”

Other noteworthy parody topics consisted of West Side Story–“I like to wait at LaGuardia,” to the tune of “America”– and Annie, as Kate McKinnon sings “de Blasio” to the tune of “Tomorrow.”

But the genuine emphasize came when Jake Gyllenhaal, who just recently appeared in Mulaney’s Netflix special for kids, can be found in on wires to parody Wicked— particularly, by directing his inner Idina Menzel and singing a customized variation of “Defying Gravity.”

“So if you care to browse me/ I’ll spread my legs genuine broad/ I’ll even flex over for you/ You can take a peek inside/ You can inform that I delight in security/ You can browse method up in my cavity/ You can pat me down/ You do not need to utilize the front of your hands …”

“OK, Jesus,” Mulaney’s character lastly disrupts. “We get it, you can continue to Cleveland now … That’s where everybody at LaGuardia’s going– like it or not.”

Other emphasize visitor looks in the sketch consisted of David Byrne, and increasing SNL star Bowen Yang spoofed “Suddenly Seymour” as “Profiled Asian.”

“I’m simply a profiled Asian,” he sang. “Standing next to you/ If I cough then it’s over/ You’ll leave the aircraft/ Profiled Asian/ No, I wasn’t in Parasite/ I understand the infection is bad, however/ It’s originating from Italy, too.”

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