The Biggest Coronavirus Myths, Busted

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We’ re living in unpredictable, surreal times , as the coronavirus crisis aggravates in the United States. As we’ re battling with a vacuum of reputable info, coronavirus misconceptions are spreading out as rapidly as the illness, enhanced by social networks. Fortunately, we’ ve got Dr. Seema Yasmin, director of the Stanford Health Communication Initiative at Stanford University. In the video above, she exposes typical– and even hazardous– misconceptions about the illness and the coronavirus it triggers, Covid-19.

You can’ t, for example, detect yourself with Covid-19 by holding your breath for 10 seconds to see if you cough. Coronavirus does impact the lungs, and undoubtedly this is one method it eliminates clients. Just holding your breath can’ t inform you if the infection is impacting your lungs. “ Of course, the just real method of understanding if you have Covid-19 is to get a test for the illness, ” Yasmin states.

When it concerns avoidance, consuming garlic tea will just make you smell bad, not ward off the coronavirus. And if you do agreement Covid-19, you can’ t flush it out of your mouth with warm water. And definitely put on’t– and we can ’ t tension this sufficient— attempt to blast it out of your mouth with a blow clothes dryer.

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