Colton Underwood Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus: ‘We Will All Beat This’ – Perez Hilton

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An unfortunate upgrade for Bachelor Country fans.

On Friday, Colton Underwood revealed through Instagram he had test favorable for the coronavirus.

Along with his IGTV, he composed:

“I checked favorable and I have actually been following all of the social distancing guidelines considering that recently. My signs began a couple of days earlier, I was evaluated and simply got my outcomes today. For anybody out there that is reluctant to self quarantine please do yourself and your enjoyed ones a favor and stay at home. We will all beat this and come out more powerful on the other side. I’ ll keep you published, Love y ’ all.”

Give his message a watch (listed below):

The 28-year-old has actually been hunched down in Huntington Beach, California with his sweetheart Cassie Randolph and herhousehold. He shared the very same video to his Twitter feed, together with a couple of notes about his signs:

“This infection doesn ’ t care how old or healthy you are. Please look after yourselves and your enjoyed ones and stay at home.”

“For those questioning what my signs are: headache, body pains, night sweats, fever, shortness of breath and a cough. Presently I get winded doing basic jobs like strolling up the stairs rising.”

On Thursday night, Underwood shared a somewhat spooky idea to his account:

“I tend to be a quite positive individual and I try to find silver linings

in circumstances. My believed today: paradoxically our earth will most likely be the cleanest and healthiest it ’ s remained in a long time after these next couple of months. “

Miz Randolph likewise shared a bit more about her partner ’ s signs by means of her Insta Story:

“Started out with a headache. He got body pains +moderate fever. He had night sweats for the next 2 nights

with the fever. Begun feeling some shortness of breath. He began coughing, however just really slightly. He has actually been quite weak and tired the entire time.”

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